XXXTENTACION & Juice WRLD - where did u go? (Lyrics)

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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 20, 2019
  • XXXTENTACION & Juice WRLD - where did u go? (Ocean Mix)

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    I can't seem to get out my head (Out my head)
    I wept and I'll count the tears I shed (Tears I shed, tears I)
    She sat there and watched as I bled

    As I bled, as I bled, as I bled
    As I bled, as I bled, as I bled

    And where did you go as I slipped (As I slipped)
    I can't seem to get out my head (Out my head)
    And where did you go as I slipped (As I slipped)

    Listen close, what is this?
    Is it heartbreak?
    Is it truly what it feels like?
    What it sound like?
    What is truly at the essence?
    Sharp teeth in the chest
    Cancer all in the breast
    Of the beaten and bruised
    Feelin' like a pawn to the greed of these fools
    But I never been a piece of the evil
    In the womb of these fake fuck niggas
    With they masks up, presume
    I'll be telling, if I got a load, I swear I resume
    On my conquest
    For the key to the chest where my mind slept
    And the love in my heart is a cancer
    And I spread it through the wall as an answer
    To the cries of the dead and the vanquished
    The depressed and the lost and the damned, it's
    Preservation of the peace, an ideal world
    Never lonely when you flowin' through my mind, girl

    Empty, I feel so goddamn empty
    I may go rogue
    Don't tempt me, big bullet holes
    Tote semi-autos

    Huh, yeah
    I'm keepin' it real, real
    I'm keepin' it real, uh, yeah
    Life gets tough, shit is getting real (Yeah)
    I don't know how to feel
    Swallowing all these pills
    Numb my real feels, uh
    Devil standing here
    Tryna' make a deal, uh
    It ain't no deals
    Feel like I'm going crazy but still took a lot to get me here
    Losing my sanity up in a house in the hills, hills, hills
    I ain't have anything then and I still don't have anything still, still, still, uh
    Bein' me, I rock, PnB
    These hoes actin' like gossip, TMZ
    These drugs acting like
    Mosh pits squishing me
    Oh my, oh me, how they kill me slowly
    Lonely, I been gettin' no peace
    OD, feel like overdosing
    Low key I been looking for the signs
    But all I can find is a sign of the times

    This mix / mashup contains

    Empty by Juice WRLD
    Looking for a star (CANT GET YOU OUT MY HEAD) by XXXTENTACION
    Guardian angel by XXXTENTACION

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  • Divinity


     4 months ago +485

    this was mixed by Ocean Beats, check them out here:

  • Mythical Foxyz

    Mythical Foxyz

     a minute ago

    2017- lil peep
    2018- Xxxtentacion
    2019- Juice wrld
    Why do we lose all of our legends? (Not doing this for clout its just tough how many rappers we have lost)

  • Daniel Sanchez de Loera

    Daniel Sanchez de Loera

     16 minutes ago

    feels bad man i fucking hate losing legends when i first heard that x died i was praying for him then on sunday when i woke up my friend told me that juice wrld died so i went outside and prayed to god for he can come back

  • L.A.C


     26 minutes ago

    It’s crazy how these two did a duo ❤️😪

  • Twisted Reviews

    Twisted Reviews

     27 minutes ago

    Wait juices part is from empty

  • ßęłłå thę dęmøń

    ßęłłå thę dęmøń

     46 minutes ago

    this gives me

    end of the world vibes 😭😭😭

  • Mxsutaa


     an hour ago

    Im crying😔

  • SamX7


     an hour ago

    this song now has a deeper meaning 🤧

  • drawn on

    drawn on

     an hour ago

    I hate that we are leaving x and juice behind in 2020

  • Akim Error

    Akim Error

     an hour ago

    4 Minutes
    2 Legends
    1 Song

  • SkillZ ChillZ

    SkillZ ChillZ

     2 hours ago

    I have q answer to the title: to heaven.

  • • † нαllυcιɴαтe † •

    • † нαllυcιɴαтe † •

     2 hours ago

    Where did XXXTentacion and JUICE WRLD go...?

  • Soft vmin Hours OPEN

    Soft vmin Hours OPEN

     2 hours ago

    Xxx Tentacion and Juice WRLD

  • x_cryxopp_x


     2 hours ago

    Rip both yall ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😭

  • ferr


     2 hours ago

    why. the. best. ?

  • Emre'nin notaları

    Emre'nin notaları

     2 hours ago

    Bro X's parts mix of Joecyln Floes and Looking for a star It isn't new

  • Vasean X

    Vasean X

     3 hours ago

    Long live both of these Legends 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🕊😭😓

  • euphoriax


     3 hours ago

    Why is everyone saying rip juice wrld he was a big inspiration and I'm confused what happened

  • Selijah Meachum

    Selijah Meachum

     3 hours ago

    stop doing this this is not even a song they never collabed no offence but i feel like its better if yall would just stop smushing together different rappers pieces and call them a song or even a new song when really its not

  • MSF Beanos

    MSF Beanos

     3 hours ago

    two legends in a better place. rest in peace
    we all love you both