Caricature Essentials From Start to Finish

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  • Published on:  Friday, May 12, 2017
  • Benedict Cumberbatch gets caricatured by Court as he reviews the steps for finishing a caricature! Get more narrated examples in premium at

    In previous lessons, Court covered the theory of exaggeration and the practical steps to creating caricature portraits - thumbnail sketch, rough sketch, the abstraction and final sketch (links to those lessons below).

    This lesson reviews the caricature process from start to finish using Benedict Cumberbatch as an example. It also includes a few additional tips from him that he didn’t get to cover in the previous lessons.

    Court made additional overview examples for the premium caricature course. It includes his drawing process for caricaturing Jennifer Lawrence, Donald Trump, Pewdiepie, and more.... You can get those examples and the extended premium lessons at

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    Script - Court Jones
    Production Assistance - Sean Ramsey (
    Editing - Dzmitry Tsydzik (, Sean Ramsey

    Music Used with Permission
    Intro - The Freak Fandango Orchestra

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  • goblin knight

    goblin knight

     17 hours ago

    Bagel-ish candlesnack?



     2 days ago

    WHAT is milk!?

  • The Lock Picking Lebowski

    The Lock Picking Lebowski

     4 days ago

    Why the Hitler mustache?

  • mathias rømer

    mathias rømer

     7 days ago

    looks like shit

  • (Gamer Bros) MaximuZ712

    (Gamer Bros) MaximuZ712

     7 days ago

    Been-a-dick cucumber

  • Danny Qin

    Danny Qin

     7 days ago

    Wait you mean beneficial cinderblocks?

  • Spiter man

    Spiter man

     7 days ago

    I can now draw heimalick butterlumpcatch

  • The manga Artist

    The manga Artist

     7 days ago +1

    4:05 photo by fat les

  • michael kendall

    michael kendall

     7 days ago

    Dr strange?

  • Brian C

    Brian C

     7 days ago

    If it weren't for the photos of George RR Martin and Jennifer Lawrence at the end, I would have assumed you were doing Rob Reiner and a young Sally Struthers.

  • Brian C

    Brian C

     7 days ago

    Would honestly have had no fucking idea who that was supposed to be if a photo of BigBopper Stumblematch weren't in the thumbnail. Besides the severe brow, he captures nothing about him.

  • Kasey


     7 days ago

    Bombshell Bunkerhatch

  • joereevs


     7 days ago

    Penisdick Huntersnatch is awesome!

  • ColgateWorld


     14 days ago

    If chibi's were real

  • Dhikari


     14 days ago

    Nice sketch of beradict Culbertson

  • Zakariye Dim

    Zakariye Dim

     14 days ago

    Bensdick cumstain

  • José


     14 days ago

    I like Beheaded Cucumbernumber's chin in this one

  • Unlimited Luck

    Unlimited Luck

     14 days ago


  • Brilliant Shadows

    Brilliant Shadows

     14 days ago +1

    Baseballgame Cucumberpatch doesn't have a weak or pointy chin tho, why caricature that as a feature?

    Jennifer Lawrence was horrible.

    Most of the other stuff was pretty interesting.

  • Justin Fleagle

    Justin Fleagle

     14 days ago

    Or you can just do it like Kim Jing Gi and use a pen, while only doing one step: the final drawing.