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  • Published on:  Thursday, June 6, 2019
  • Elizabeth Warren’s surge in the polls spotlights her long-standing championing of corporate accountability, her unorthodox marriage proposal and her plans for addressing America’s biggest pain points.Subscribe to The Daily Show: Follow The Daily Show:Twitter: full episodes of The Daily Show for free: Comedy Central:Twitter: The Daily Show:Trevor Noah and The World's Fakest News Team tackle the biggest stories in news, politics and pop culture.The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.
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  • Karl Renner

    Karl Renner

     2 months ago +1664

    "I've got a plan"
    That's all Americans want, a plan, a sense of direction. An adult in the room, if you will.

  • Grendel's mom's boyfriend

    Grendel's mom's boyfriend

     2 months ago +785

    "she became one of the country's top experts on bankruptcy, and not in the Donald Trump kind of way"
    Haha, that's all I needed.

  • Erica Shady

    Erica Shady

     2 months ago +224

    Mitch McConnell objects anything that benefits working class American.
    Mitch McConnell is the true enemy of the people .

  • Sunshine4695


     2 months ago +689

    When Warren says she has a plan, SHE ACTUALLY HAS ONE AND TELLS US ABOUT IT

  • Damion Pseudonym

    Damion Pseudonym

     2 months ago +530

    A brilliant and experienced woman who understands the issues on a more than just superficial level, is SUPER angry at corruption and inequality? Sign me up.

  • Google stop it

    Google stop it

     2 months ago +674

    On top of all that, McConnell dislikes her! What better endorsement is there?



     2 months ago +166

    Trevor's impersonation of Mitch Mcconell: "mabamabalblbaba"

  • None of your business

    None of your business

     7 days ago +10

    Mitch McConnell is not for us working class people. Elizabeth Warren is a bad ass woman.

  • Lucy Bell

    Lucy Bell

     2 months ago +163

    I love Senator Warren’s ideology! Finally— an anti-corruption candidate!
    She’s the one! Senator Warren for President! YESSSS!

  • mayalman


     2 months ago +213

    To be honest Elizabeth Warren is my favorite candidate.

  • King Coyote

    King Coyote

     2 months ago +2744

    Warren or Sanders is fine.
    Please not Biden America.

  • J R

    J R

     2 months ago +51

    Thank you, Warrior Warren !!! Thank you for fighting for us all these years prior to serving America !! 2020 I can't wait..........

  • MyNameIsBucket


     2 months ago +41

    If you want a fun YouTube binge, look up videos of Elizabeth Warren making Republicans look foolish on the Senate floor. Literally hours of entertainment!

  • Tamie Miller

    Tamie Miller

     2 months ago +35

    Ms. Warren has a good plan about the student loans, taking the yoke off of our backs $50k that's bold!

  • Tyler Hackner

    Tyler Hackner

     2 months ago +9

    I love Warren! She has policy plans galore. She has always fought for consumers against corporations. Her and Bernie are my top two choices!

  • JarJar Binks

    JarJar Binks

     2 months ago +1254

    The media doesn’t cover enough progressives like Warren. Just people who will keep up the status quo.

  • Hayden Campbell

    Hayden Campbell

     2 months ago +36

    Love Elizabeth Warren. A genuine caring person in a field of ambition.

  • Myacono


     2 months ago +14

    I like Warren , but still a Sanders person from way back, would love to see a Sanders Warren ticket

  • ScienceGuy


     2 months ago +77

    I have loved Elizabeth Warren ever since I saw her rip up the banks during the 2008 financial crisis. I wanted her to run in 2016 but since she didn’t I became a Bernie Bro. But now that’s she’s running...
    WARREN 2020!!!!

  • Jeremy Lawrence Amadé Hill Edwards

    Jeremy Lawrence Amadé Hill Edwards


    Sanders / Warren or Warren / Sanders wins 95% of the time in 2020. Biden 50%.