Getting to Know Dem: Elizabeth Warren | The Daily Show

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  • Published on:  Thursday, June 6, 2019
  • Elizabeth Warren’s surge in the polls spotlights her long-standing championing of corporate accountability, her unorthodox marriage proposal and her plans for addressing America’s biggest pain points.

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  • jann kott

    jann kott

     2 hours ago

    You are making a huge mistake aligning yourself with George Soros. This tells me a lot about you This man is evil personified and would sell his Mother and His loving Grandmother to be hurt and be alone as they are hurt to satisfy his craving for wealth and dreams of his further wealth. To put those he deemed worthy on the boxcars to take us to our death. You must reconsider what you are doing and let it be for the good of our Lord and our Country.

  • Caitlin


     5 hours ago

    God Biden is such a jack ass. I swear he can't stand women. When he wagged his finger in that girl's face. And just then when Warren schooled him. What the hell was that??? What a jack ass.

  • AlphaNet Telecommunications

    AlphaNet Telecommunications


    their twice

  • AlphaNet Telecommunications

    AlphaNet Telecommunications



  • AlphaNet Telecommunications

    AlphaNet Telecommunications


    I am a perfect American.. lol that means I'm a Republican... I actually like Liz ... I remember during the great recession when families were losing there homes Liz was on the floor telling Americans to be squatters in there homes.... I still remember that.... the bank dont care kinda like the honey badger

  • Cantara Bella

    Cantara Bella


    Biden has just BEEN CREEPY for a long time. Jeez

  • Susan burrows

    Susan burrows


    Kidding?Warren would be HRC 2.0. and will lose to Trump. PLEASE DO SEGMENT on YANG. HE brings actual reasons (constitution doesn’t allow a wealth tax) and it has failed in other countries (impossible to realistically assess an individual’s wealth). Warren knows nothing about AI and robotics. Out of step for 5th industrial revolution. Bernie or Yang are our best shot against Trump.

  • Himalaya



    Elizabeth that Indians🇮🇳 want's to see in this century 🤣 last one is broke

  • honest diplomat

    honest diplomat

     2 days ago

    Warren is a eligible candidate...

  • Avi Mukherji

    Avi Mukherji

     3 days ago

    🙏, vote for Elizabeth Warren. Being in India, I can't. But if I could, I would.

  • And i oop

    And i oop

     3 days ago

    I'd gladly have Warren. And I'm a republican.

  • Lima YT

    Lima YT

     4 days ago

    Trevor got brains!

  • Henry Ortiz

    Henry Ortiz

     4 days ago +1

    Trevor didn't jokiningly demean Warren's credibility for running nearly as much as all the other serious candidates (i.e. Sanders, Yang) so I guess we know who he supports now.

  • King K.O.L.D

    King K.O.L.D

     4 days ago

    1:01 they photoshopped a dick on the horse fucking hilarious

  • Sandip Kafle

    Sandip Kafle

     4 days ago +3

    stop commenting on female candidate's outfits, no one ever does that for men

  • Sally Bowles

    Sally Bowles

     4 days ago

    seriously, who would pick Biden over her? If Biden already failed twice, there is a reason, he is a great guy and excellent politician but not president material

  • Sally Bowles

    Sally Bowles

     4 days ago

    Seriously, this is what a female candidate looks like (sorry Hillary, you are very smart but you were too deep in all the s** for too many years)

  • Jhimly Bhattacharya

    Jhimly Bhattacharya

     4 days ago

    Trevor is getting so American-ized that this show is getting very difficult to watch. The "baby-trevor", the exaggerated movements and the basic dum-ing down of the content to ensure pace for Americans is really the saddest way for Trevor to go out. You were so brilliant, you had such smarts and spunk. Your 1:1 interviews are still so precious, you have such a keen pulse on people. Why are you wasting YOU this way?

  • B W

    B W

     4 days ago +9

    She's 70 years old. She looks amazing for her age. That is when you have a good heart you stay looking young, and miserable people tend to age faster.

  • Suzette Figgs

    Suzette Figgs

     4 days ago

    What need is a fighter. Go Lady!!! Elizabeth Warren 2020!!!