Best of Game Grumps - May 2019

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 11, 2019
  • May the Best Be Best Best

    Watch our playthrough of Zelda Twilight Princess ! ►

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    Thanks to Drej9 for compiling these clips!

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  • Straw-Hat Gaming

    Straw-Hat Gaming

     a months ago

    Anytime I think I am bad at a game I just remember arin playing twilight princess

  • Trevor Erickson

    Trevor Erickson

     2 months ago

    Almost the entire compilation is twilight princess

  • The Real Jeromeo

    The Real Jeromeo

     2 months ago

    I kid u not I tried the hiccup thing as I had hiccups when watching the video and it actually worked like wtf 😂

  • SirTroyish


     2 months ago

    I keep replaying 2:24 because it sounds like the sound effect of when you throw pizza and it hits something in Lego island 2. now that I'm typing it out I'm realizing how dumb that sentence sounded.

  • Joey Maverick

    Joey Maverick

     2 months ago +1

    The girl that did a cover of Gangnam style was Hyuna she's a soloist and wow i'm a koreaboo.

  • Mary ._.

    Mary ._.

     2 months ago

    “What’s up cucks?”

  • Iron Girl Kitten

    Iron Girl Kitten

     2 months ago

    w h a t s u p C U C K S

  • David Popolizio

    David Popolizio

     2 months ago

    this is probably old news by now but is anyone else not really digging the new edits? I'm genuinely curious about how the grump community feels about them.

  • nerdified fangirl

    nerdified fangirl

     2 months ago

    ooccoo is seriously so unsettling what were the designers thinking we ain't need no weird harpy things in a Zelda game

  • nerdified fangirl

    nerdified fangirl

     2 months ago

    the true test of a woman is listening to this while doing school in the same room as your mother and not laughing out loud at all. i think my brain just exploded.
    edit: i forgot about oppa spider style. i could have died. do these men not care for our well-being

  • Onyx


     2 months ago

    14:08 SPANTZ!!!!

  • WirableSquid09


     2 months ago

    I chocked on my sandwich from laughter around 7:30

  • Ayoul


     3 months ago

    Kind of douchey of the editor to insert his own edits in the best of even though most of the fanbase complained about them.

  • Brianna Wilson

    Brianna Wilson

     3 months ago

    Did they skip April? Or am I crazy?

  • Polarisey123


     3 months ago

    Aw, I'm glad to see Dan found a voice he likes as much as Arin likes the Grubba voice <3

  • TriggerHappy93


     3 months ago


  • D. Steven

    D. Steven

     3 months ago

    P.O.D. is "Payable On Death".

  • Jake ichan

    Jake ichan

     3 months ago

    14:58, lmao i love how in the actual game dialoge he just skips the bomb guy

  • about12orphans


     3 months ago +1


    My favorite part by far!



     3 months ago

    You guys should really do more serious voice acting for the characters, they sound like their not taking ANYTHING seriously, with the exception of Renaldo