How to Win a Street Fight | Professional Fighter Roger Huerta

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  • Published on:  Friday, May 24, 2013
  • We've all been there. A douchebag at the bar tries to pick a fight with you or even worse lays a hand on a lady. But what's the best way to react when the moment moves to live action?
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    Professional fighter Roger Huerta has seen his share of these moments and has the tips & tricks to make sure you can defend yourself.

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  • ekacnap


     15 hours ago

    There's this annoying dude from texas and wants to fight me just because im bigger than him.

  • John Tucker

    John Tucker

     3 days ago

    You ruined a perfectly good collar... smh

  • Elliott Witt

    Elliott Witt

     4 days ago

    R.i.p t shirt

  • Daniel Dujmovich

    Daniel Dujmovich

     5 days ago

    What if the person your fighting is shorter than you?



     7 days ago

    Thanks grandma didnt stand a chance

  • gurvinder singh

    gurvinder singh

     7 days ago

    Boii I’m a girl and I want to create my own gang to help people that r just minding there business and then a random child comes and starts just getting rude ( do not know what other I could use but rude ) so that’s why I’m watching this but no the shirt Amit coming off 😂😂😂

  • Dylan Mounsey

    Dylan Mounsey

     7 days ago

    The straight seems to be the best deterrent in my experience. I’ve tried to feint and pump jabs at people only to have them shoot a huge double on me .
    Headbutts seem wild lol nobody fucks with a head butter

  • Dio_icey


     7 days ago +11

    Pray for me

    Update: i won

  • John Dickinson

    John Dickinson

     7 days ago +1

    Normal Videos: Get a good fighting stance keep your distance
    This dude: Fucking head butt him

  • William Blaze

    William Blaze

     7 days ago

    Never fails the guy with tattoos ends up with his shirt off, ha.

  • phoenixaayas ad

    phoenixaayas ad

     7 days ago

    Headbutt works real fine.

  • rebel without a comma

    rebel without a comma

     14 days ago

    Thumbs up so the tall guy can buy a new shirt

  • WolfieExE


     14 days ago

    Thanks my grandma didint stand a chance

  • Frank Sanchez

    Frank Sanchez

     14 days ago

    the guy on the right is like dude i do this shit every weekend

  • Jeff Paggett

    Jeff Paggett

     14 days ago

    I've won every fight by 150 yards.

  • NJ Sentinel

    NJ Sentinel

     14 days ago +1

    Fawked the neck of his shirt all up 😂😂😂

  • Muhamad Zulkifli Hamdan

    Muhamad Zulkifli Hamdan

     14 days ago

    To much word

  • keith turbin

    keith turbin

     14 days ago

    what's a streetlight? is it like a rumble? did you and your boyz remember to wear your matching leather jackets and put enough hair grease on your switchblade combs before you group dance in junkyard garage to see who owns the turf? did dropping fonzie's name not intimidate Biff enough to coward down to the big bad bobisox boyz? THE DOUCHEBAGS AT THE BAR STARTING FIGHTS ARE YOU JERSEY SHORE. Did you really say "lays a hand on a lady? those aint ladies, they're whores that didn't deliver on what they were paid for, and they're adults, and it's between us and them. you want to "rescue them" fine , come to the hotel and you can get get fucked in the ass by the 23 guests at the bachelor party that Gina and Maria got paid to do but didn't show up to the party to entertain and escort the cocks into their colons as they were contracted to do. run on home to mom while before your noodle and ketchup gets cold Anthony, take little Joey with you. can you believe john Travolta jr. and scott baio here thinks anyone takes them serious.

  • RJ Mar

    RJ Mar

     14 days ago

    That head butt stuff dont work, i tried it one time and damn near knocked myself out, luckily for me i was fighting my neighbor's 7 year old and he took it easy on me and only knocked out 2 of my teeth with his playstation remote control.

  • Jef Kaplinger

    Jef Kaplinger

     21 days ago

    Wow. Great advice! If someone pushes you, hit them in the face. I would have never thought of that!