Pregnant Mama Jaguar Who Killed Her Last 2 Cubs Ends Up Giving Vets The Fight Of Their Lives

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 30, 2018
  • For some animal populations, every single member of the species is integral to its overall survival. This is certainly the case for species like the jaguar, which, according to recent estimates, has about 15,000 members in the wild—at best.

    This is why Spanish zookeepers were so excited when they learned that Xena the jaguar was pregnant. Any addition to the population would help keep the species alive. Sadly, when tragedy struck, the zookeepers were ready to lose all hope… until something miraculous happened.

    Recently, when a group of veterinarians at a zoo in Madrid, Spain, noticed Xena the jaguar was pregnant, they could barely contain their excitement. In no time at all, they would be welcoming brand new cubs into their facility!

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  • Patrisia K

    Patrisia K


    She is stressssss yesssss!! Thats why her babies sick... she better killed her babies than like her... dunno what happen there but she is not happy...sorry

  • Patrisia K

    Patrisia K


    No she is afraid if humans hurts her babies! She needs trusts. Omg

  • Stephanie Johnson

    Stephanie Johnson

     3 days ago

    This is that and I love baby

  • tania khan

    tania khan

     4 days ago


  • Jalena Rollins

    Jalena Rollins

     5 days ago

    It's funny how these animals have been surviving in the wild since the beginning of time and when they get in the care of humans they start getting sick. Let the animals be. Don't keep them locked up in a cage and expect them to act like a normal animal. They were put in the wild for a reason. So leave them be they didn't need your help when they first got here and they certainly don't need it now.

  • Vijaya Lakshmi

    Vijaya Lakshmi

     7 days ago

    Wonderful... God bless each and everyone there.

  • tranquility


     17 days ago

    Hugs kitty, you are one tough cookie😍

  • Samantha Moseley

    Samantha Moseley

     17 days ago

    And really sounds like with the last one needing all that help I really doubt she killed them they probably just died

  • Samantha Moseley

    Samantha Moseley

     17 days ago

    Instincts kick in when something is wrong with the babies or if they are weak and also if she did this to healthy babies then you definitely would not want that to allow bad genetics passed in to other female cubs for them to kill there cubs

  • talia maloof

    talia maloof

     18 days ago

    Rejection can happen to literally any animal, even humans. So I don't think being in a zoo is the sole reason as to why a mother would kill their child. As psychotic disorders and early pregnancy is something all mammals can go through.

  • Nazmeen Shaikh

    Nazmeen Shaikh

     19 days ago

    Her eyes are awesome

  • Aldo


     19 days ago

    I'm no expert by far but I feel like sometimes the zoos are so Hands-On when it comes to the pregnant animal because they're so excited but there still wild wild animals they might be internalizing it as danger to their cubs even though they are helping them they don't know

  • Zephare MSP

    Zephare MSP

     21 days ago

    I would be really mad if they killed the Jaguar for the baby Jag...( that was what I first thought they were going to do )

  • Jack Rodgers, Jr.

    Jack Rodgers, Jr.

     21 days ago

    You can’t imprison a feral animal in a small room and expect them to act rationally...or like they would in the wild. People don’t do that. Prisoners slowly lose their sanity when kept in those small jail cells.

  • DragonGamingCD :ExtremeGaming:

    DragonGamingCD :ExtremeGaming:

     22 days ago +1

    Making a law to ban guns will result in the bad guys getting guns ILLEGALLY. Why is a criminal a criminal? They break LAWS. Passing a law will not stop a CRIMINAL from getting a gun. Same with poaching. You can make it illegal, but people WILL still do it. Instead of making things illegal that could help the GOOD guys, why not induce more gun freedom where you can protect those that cannot protect themselves against CRIMINALS. The people are doing a good thing with this jaguar.

  • Dead Swimmingpool

    Dead Swimmingpool

     25 days ago

    why treat the cub as a pet?

  • Wraith


     25 days ago

    The photos are soo cute!

  • ineedhelp


     26 days ago +1

    Y’all saying zoos are bad but if they were bad would they put in this much effort to save an animal?

  • S D

    S D

     27 days ago

    Lol everyone hates poachers I do to but you know what I just thought about what if miraculously all these big cats start having thousands of babies and start over taking earth 😂

  • Silvia Johnson

    Silvia Johnson

     27 days ago

    never give up on animals