Sex Myths You Have to Know!

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  • Published on:  Saturday, June 1, 2019
  • Real fam, which sex myth surprised you most?
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  • Logan Daniels

    Logan Daniels

     2 days ago

    No thats not true. Genetically speaking like from a medical pont of vue, absolutely wrong. But u can try it if u want :)

  • Jae Savage

    Jae Savage

     2 days ago


  • Unisy Bale

    Unisy Bale

     7 days ago

    The pineapple one is true tho ...😊

  • QueenMaz7 Nomusa

    QueenMaz7 Nomusa

     7 days ago

    Bruh. Hands be true😂

  • Trump One

    Trump One

     14 days ago

    I heard if you do it to the left you could get a girl if you do it to the right you'll make a boy all myths people.

  • Jaz Mcrae

    Jaz Mcrae

     a months ago

    I have to disagree w loni. Because my guy isn’t that big but maaaaaaaaaan ... 🤧

  • Silberner Surfer

    Silberner Surfer

     a months ago

    "Blondes are better!" Is this a myth?

  • helia variani

    helia variani

     a months ago

    just tam's face at the end though

  • Teana ThatsAll

    Teana ThatsAll

     a months ago

    As an AVID sex participant (to say the list) , It is NOT the size of the boat. Sweat pants LIE. Hands and shoe size have NOTHING to do witg dick size. And pictures be catfishing. Period.

  • Isn’t she lovely

    Isn’t she lovely

     a months ago

    The audience look and sound super awkward in this segment 🤣

  • Emily Brittian

    Emily Brittian

     a months ago

    Loni looks amazing 😍😍

  • Angela Smith

    Angela Smith

     a months ago


  • Kayte Larsen

    Kayte Larsen

     2 months ago

    I eat plant based. Fruit is the dessert. Too much natural sugar isn't good. And the best time to eat pineapple is before you actually eat your meal because it contains bromelain and helps break your food down.

  • Bynthiaa Vargas

    Bynthiaa Vargas

     2 months ago

    ive heard if men eat asparagus their sperm smells bad

  • Ashely Díaz

    Ashely Díaz

     2 months ago +1

    Tbh it goes both ways. My husbands semen would taste sweet after eating icecream, bitter after onions or sweetpeppper and it tastes like seasoning after eating chicken. He tells me I'm the same so whatever you eat you basically are. Atleast down there lol

  • Julia Docherty

    Julia Docherty

     2 months ago

    Doing it from the back does not result in kids as far as I know... WHAT ARE THEY TALKING ABOUT!

  • Leslie Vera

    Leslie Vera

     2 months ago


  • Muna  Ahmed

    Muna Ahmed

     2 months ago

    As a virgin never have I been more confused lol

  • Kimona Aang

    Kimona Aang

     2 months ago +1

    Who cut Tam Tam off! I demand a refund lol! And thus Aria was born!

  • Instagram/bracefacejojo 986

    Instagram/bracefacejojo 986

     2 months ago

    What u mean from the back I need to know