Meanwhile... Queen Elizabeth's Swanky Escape Plan

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  • Published on:  Saturday, February 9, 2019
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  • veryverte


     6 months ago +1110

    They put more thought into the Queen's escape plan than the actual Brexit plan... and they're both equally bad.

  • ForeverMe543


     6 months ago +262

    “Oh, Hitler! I believe you dropped this 🖕🏻”
    Her exact response to trump as well

  • Jimbo Deathgrip

    Jimbo Deathgrip

     6 months ago +1310

    I hope the hotel is ready for the wurst case scenario

  • Isay


     6 months ago +708

    As a German... I wanna stay at the sausage hotel, don't judge me

  • TheCstar07


     6 months ago +293

    Lol that's one tough woman, she'll probably outlive everyone currently in line for the throne

  • Benzaiten


     6 months ago +293

    I hope those art experts replace all the priceless paintings on yachts with fakes and deposit the real ones in museums.
    rich ppl really are careless jerks.

  • keepdancingmaria


     6 months ago +275

    "You DAB. It's Pointillism!" I'm dying.

  • John Rider

    John Rider

     6 months ago +68

    "You dab darling, it's pointillism." so freaking awewsome! lol

  • jenpenn22


     6 months ago +620

    That story about the art is the kind of story that started the French revolution.

  • Milkey_Way1970


     6 months ago +127

    Oh Adolph I Believe you Dropped this.

  • TheCstar07


     6 months ago +351

    Why would you put expensive Art in places where your kids can toss cereal on them? Was he using it as a table?

  • New Message

    New Message

     6 months ago +350

    If they want more hookups on that plane, try making the bathroom large enough for one adult to turn around in without touching the grimy walls.

  • Gryzor88


     6 months ago +111

    „Would you like to pet my Knackwurst“ LMAO dies

  • Zoe Mendez

    Zoe Mendez

     6 months ago +617

    The rich have Jean-Michel Basquiat paintings in yachts, with kids throwing cereal at it!!??
    I'm SCREAMING. They belong in a museum!!

  • Aroh Yadav

    Aroh Yadav

     6 months ago +123

    I love how Stephen says
    ' Meanwhile '

  • purr bugaloo

    purr bugaloo

     6 months ago +265

    A night of cool accents for Stephen. Minnesota, British, German...for Fuks sake, did I miss anything?

  • User name

    User name

     6 months ago +276

    Stephen's British accent was so good all that was missing was him saying "Long Live the Queen" xD

  • Karan Gera

    Karan Gera

     6 months ago +66

    'I believe you dropped this' 😂

  • Nx Doyle

    Nx Doyle

     6 months ago +273

    No middle finger on late night network TV? How prudish.

  • Dead Freight West

    Dead Freight West

     6 months ago +33

    Who else is booking a round-trip flight to Germany on Delta? On the way back we can compare wieners. >.>