JRE MMA Show #12 with Ben Askren

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  • Published on:  Monday, January 22, 2018
  • Joe Rogan sits down with the founder the former ONE Welterweight Champion and the former Bellator Welterweight Champion, Ben Askren.
  • Source: https://youtu.be/Ec4OKbrCl3I


  • maz3123


     1 months ago +534

    Anyone watching this after Ben got sent to a different dimension by Masvidal?

  • Starchy Tart

    Starchy Tart

     1 months ago +395

    Anyone watching after his loss versus masvidal

  • torontonacl


     8 months ago +1292

    Ben Askren looking like one of those roman statues you see in museums

  • Rad Con

    Rad Con

     5 months ago +1003

    Anyone watching after his win versus lawler

  • Gavin Carruth

    Gavin Carruth

     5 months ago +320

    "I didn't get hit once in my last 3 fights".....30 sec into the Lawler fight must have been tough lol

  • Chazzie317


     6 months ago +421

    Ben Askren got picked up in Greece 700 B.C. by aliens, then got dropped in modern day Earth to conquer the MMA game. Here comes Funky Ben.

  • Violenza Fantastica

    Violenza Fantastica

     1 months ago +92

    Who here after Askren is immortalized as the fastest KO in UFC history?

  • Mike D

    Mike D

     6 months ago +219

    Ben looks like handsome Squidward



     1 months ago +75

    Anyone else here after his brutal ko by Masvidal?

  • Adz Keskin

    Adz Keskin

     5 months ago +130

    After UFC235 we seen Ben Askren is really good on the mic, can also take a beating, get WWE slammed and still win.

  • brandon veach

    brandon veach

     yesterday +1

    He only got hit once in his last fight that's good!

  • lord vegeta

    lord vegeta

     9 months ago +236

    Ben's a freakn cool guy.

  • Bryan Gray

    Bryan Gray

     9 months ago +1935

    Anybody else coming back to watch this now that he’s in the UFC?

  • sumyunggai


     5 months ago +58

    dana's jealous of bens hair

  • Ko Joe

    Ko Joe

     21 days ago +8

    Askren: Never hit in my last three fights
    UFC : here’s Robby lawler lol 😂 now here’s Jorge Masvidal

  • Just Smile

    Just Smile

     6 months ago +45

    Ben ”Right” Askren

  • Conscious Entity Sound

    Conscious Entity Sound

     6 months ago +248

    Anybody else want to see Askren "smesh" Khabib?

  • Officer Barbrady

    Officer Barbrady

     3 hours ago

    Anybody remember rampage vs Forrest Griffin Forest kick the s*** out of rampage legs had him limping

  • Big Homestyle82

    Big Homestyle82

     1 months ago +13

    I'm only seeing 5 seconds of this ?lol #239

  • Jacob Moxley

    Jacob Moxley

     5 months ago +53

    And he just won in the UFC. Great interview!