Fixing the Unfixable iMac Pro with Louis Rossmann!

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 29, 2018
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    It couldn’t end any other way than this. Louis Rossmann is here to FINALLY attempt a repair of our iMac Pro – But will it actually work?

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  • Daniel J

    Daniel J

     2 hours ago

    Can we just vaporize Apple? Cuz I really want to.

  • steelviper1


     2 hours ago

    Linus is annoying AF.

  • CickCorn Gamer

    CickCorn Gamer

     4 hours ago

    Apple are tursty for money man dont you know it?

  • Bob Barker

    Bob Barker

     4 hours ago

    TEAM LOUIS!!!!!!

  • fuzzywzhe


     9 hours ago

    All I've learned is don't buy Apple hardware from this. They are awful first in terms of greed, and second terms of waste.
    I will forever, I guess for the rest of my life, be building my own machines. It's a bit of a learning curve to learn how to do it, but I've been doing it for 20 years, and all I can see from this is that if I cannot do it, I get screwed.

  • Doormouse G

    Doormouse G

     16 hours ago

    Just for consideration Edmonton, Alberta Canada has an authorized repair company called west world computer could you just send them a request asking what the repair would be

  • Doormouse G

    Doormouse G

     16 hours ago

    Apple sells apple certified technician certification for Macintosh computers for 399$. So this certification only covers consumer level products not pro level ??

  • Adam McMahon

    Adam McMahon

     16 hours ago

    Fuck LR is hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Michael Fassbender

    Michael Fassbender

     16 hours ago

    apple is the most jewish company currently on the planet i have no idea why anyone, even dumb rich young girls and boomers still buy their computers

  • Masterofmusic


     21 hours ago


  • Masterofmusic


     21 hours ago

    what i would do is not buy anything apple samsung and microsoft are my 2 main go too people microsoft for the pcs acc system os and samsung for phones i wouldnt go for apple for anything i wouldnt trust a brick with apple cuz something would be wrong after hate apple now allways will unless they change all the shitty things they have got going on

  • Doc8Ball's GearHead Gaming

    Doc8Ball's GearHead Gaming

     23 hours ago

    Fan Spin!

  • Kimbrady Carriker

    Kimbrady Carriker

     23 hours ago

    Their are actually 2000 + dislikes. Guess some folks don't like to save money or repair their products.

  • Nutty AF

    Nutty AF


    Go Apple - haha

  • dabboi



    F A N S P I N

  • Chaosdude341



    quite enjoyed Louis's humor

  • Musicalian



    25:01 Hitler? xD

  • Adam Burke

    Adam Burke


    The AUTISM is strong in this one

  • Jariid



    I can hear jerry seinfield but I can't see him. >.>

  • MrSlowestD16



    That discussion at 17:00? Really Linus, you don't expect that? Apparently you've never bought car parts.
    If you buy each part for a car at end user cost you'll pay many many times more than the car. Comparatively the 4k on this mainboard+CPU+memory being only 4x is a fuckin bargain.
    Wrong expectation for it to be cheap.