She Said No to This Guy, See What Happened Next

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, March 19, 2019
  • For some people, money equals happiness. It becomes so important that love, loyalty, and kindness lose their value. Unfortunately, life is a strict teacher, and it often shows that there are things much more important than wealth. This story of two friends, Laura and Jessica, serves as a reminder that greediness often plays a cruel joke on the people who live by it...

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    Gorgeous “material girl” VS. Cute mouse 0:16

    “Cheap” presents for Jessica 2:01

    How Laura found out the truth about James 4:24

    Where did James disappear to? 5:20

    As for Jessica... 8:28

    Music by Epidemic Sound

    - Both Laura and Jessica worked in a diner. Customers loved the funny and friendly waitresses and usually left them pretty nice tips.
    - Laura had come to understand that you have to work hard to become successful in life. Jessica, on the other hand, was just waiting to marry rich so that she wouldn’t have to lift a finger for the rest of her life.
    - One day, Laura was standing behind the counter when she saw a scruffy-looking guy lingering outside the window, looking in at all the diners enjoying big plates of home-style cooking.
    - As he was about to leave, he saw Jessica cleaning the tables on the other side of the café. He froze at the door, almost paralyzed by her beauty.
    - From time to time, he asked Laura to pass some little notes and gifts to his crush. Laura didn't have the heart to tell the man that every time Jessica saw his “cheap” presents, she’d throw them away and scrub her hands with soap and hot water.
    - Laura and James started becoming good friends. They met almost every day during her lunch break.
    - As fate would have it, he met a guy who convinced him that they should open a business together. It sounded like a great idea! One day, he found out that his partner had tricked him and forged the documents from the start.
    - A week later, James seemed to have disappeared without a trace. Laura was worried sick. She couldn't sleep, she barely ate.
    - James's story had been true, the investigation must have gone well, and the business was back in his hands.
    - And if you never believed in happily-ever-afters, well, Laura is definitely an exception. They did end up spending the rest of their lives together.
    - As for Jessica, things didn’t go so well for her. She never did get over the fact that she’d lost the millionaire of her dreams.

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     8 months ago +847

    Hey guys, what do you think about this kind of relationship?

  • MLG Dorito

    MLG Dorito

     15 hours ago

    also based on the animations, laura looked hotter than jessica

  • MLG Dorito

    MLG Dorito

     15 hours ago

    in ur face jessica

  • alalwan almudiah

    alalwan almudiah

     15 hours ago

    I finished a box of tishow on this vid

  • Jazzie Jackson

    Jazzie Jackson


    Jessica did not even look rich so what makes guys into her

  • Belen Zavala

    Belen Zavala


    Yeah she got what she deserved

  • henry Cuilan

    henry Cuilan


    this is a good story but a made up one.

  • Joseph Santa Cruz

    Joseph Santa Cruz


    Yes she got what was coming to her

  • Paul Wood

    Paul Wood


    I am from Canada and I am also working my way up to a millionaire from the bottom, I am also single and older than James who is younger

  • Josh Mccloud

    Josh Mccloud


    this is my story except I don't have the happy ending ……………..yet

  • Money Man

    Money Man

     2 days ago

    Gold digger

  • Ankit Singha

    Ankit Singha

     2 days ago

    ''People actually knows what anyone might get in life. So don't waste by doing wrong today.Thus, You don't have to feel sorry in future for what have you done today. '' what can i understand

  • Jared Lising

    Jared Lising

     2 days ago

    lol that heckin gold diggrr

  • Irish Rawker Chick

    Irish Rawker Chick

     4 days ago

    I'm sorry but why would u wanna be with someone who was trying to get with your friend? like, seriously? I can never do that...

  • brett huey

    brett huey

     4 days ago

    Never judge a book by its cover... :) That is the beauty of our SOULS!

  • Mr. ADK

    Mr. ADK

     5 days ago +1


  • Mohsin Shaikh

    Mohsin Shaikh

     5 days ago

    Girls= Gold diggers

  • ツNogzzz


     5 days ago

    Good things lead to a better life

  • emgo316 Jr.

    emgo316 Jr.

     5 days ago +1

    I love the fact that money is never gonna buy anyone happiness, and that happiness will come from you and others you love🤗.

  • Christopher Lauramoore

    Christopher Lauramoore

     5 days ago

    Super Awesome and Groovy Cool story as for Jessica she got what she deserve!