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  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 30, 2013
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  • Edenor

     2 years ago

    Me watching kitchen nightmares, eating a twice reheated leftover pizza: "I can't believe he uses frozen shellfish"

  • Rolando G

     2 days ago

    Ahah ahahahah you made my day bro ahahahahahah

  • Ibrahim Ibrahim

     3 days ago

    Edenor cup ramen am I right

  • Alexander Goodlander

     4 months ago

    Who's else watches these at like 2 in the morning?

  • Abby Brown

     4 days ago

    Livin4thelamb pulptlplpp

  • Grtruckingdemolition

     5 days ago

    Me, right now it’s about to be 12, I can probably see 2 more chapters lol

  • Bradley Scott

     4 months ago

    Everytime that waitress fake smiles a little part of me dies.

  • AxelBreeze

     3 days ago

    @Dao Xian bitch!

  • lee

     5 days ago

    @Dao Xian you sound like an angry fat sjw who just played themself

  • YourLocalOtaku

     2 months ago

    *I can’t do that to my tummy* - Gordon RamseyHorrifying yet adorable

  • Luis_ GM2001

     2 months ago

    Alarm clock: wAkE uP!Joe: yOu WaKe Up!

  • Renzosympa

     5 days ago

    Wooow i Just laughed so fucking hard my roommates woke the fuck up hahhaha

  • BT Savage

     5 days ago

    To teas in a pot 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Birds Of A Feather

     5 months ago

    Its like Dr Phil... but with food...

  • Agnes Zapanta

     9 days ago

    And simon cowells cousin brutally honest (a.k.a gordon ramsay)

  • Alan Alexander

     20 days ago

    Birds Of A Feather this the realist comment I’ve ever read in my entire life

  • Ray Zaki V. Naringahon

     3 months ago

    Gordon: so who's the stubborn one in this relationship?Tom: AndreaGordon: and she gets it from? Devastation lvl 99999

  • BT Savage

     5 days ago

    Andrea : from my psycho dadGordon : 😵✌️😅

  • ChrisTheNekomancer

     4 months ago

    Tom: " It's not frozen!! "Gordon: " it was in the F***ING freezer "

  • Nesa Joyner

     26 days ago


  • Bulasturu Bula

     a months ago


  • Lynn B.

     5 months ago

    Who's watching in 2019?P.s. I f*cking love Gordan Ramsay. He's so REAL.

  • Joan Concepcion

     5 days ago

    I'm still watching all of his old episodes and it's still makes me so surprised by those owners lol. He's the real SHIT <3

  • Mr old boy 2005

     19 days ago

    Me, and same here!

  • Serpent Sepia

     6 months ago

    Say whatever you want about these owners, but at least they didn't steal their server's tips, threaten physical violence on the customers and meow like cats.

  • subunite

     5 days ago

    @CD Smith 😁. Funny but true


     5 days ago