Building a homestead with little money.

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  • Published on:  Monday, October 10, 2016
  • Salvaging building material to build a homestead and retreat.
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  • randell sweeney

    randell sweeney

     9 months ago

    Dude you get a subscribe just because of the positive attitude you got

  • Brian Abisdid

    Brian Abisdid

     11 months ago

    You built a small home without any construction experience? That's crazy, did you just use youtube videos and google to gain the information or what? I assume you were a carpenter before hand?

  • Dave


     a years ago

    so true - my brother had so much building material free . He got his material just like you have from job sites that needed clean up or what ever.

  • Fred Nordhorn

    Fred Nordhorn

     a years ago

    CraigsList.. Pallets can be used for small buildings (Outhouses, Fire Wood Storage, Coops)

  • ben gee

    ben gee

     a years ago

    I'm looking at land. Came across your video. Great advice you seem down to earth. Thx man.

  • Carol Green

    Carol Green

     a years ago

    I always wonder do construction sites dump all those unwanted material in the landfill. I see so many useful recyclable material in these dumpster. Unbelievable.

  • Ivy Moseley

    Ivy Moseley

     2 years ago

  • Our Harvestmoon Homestead

    Our Harvestmoon Homestead

     2 years ago +2

    another way, we created a "free or barter" page on facebook for our area, we allow nothing to be sold on it, only people giving or wanting free stuff or people wanting to trade with each other

  • juane53


     2 years ago

    My wife would call you a hoarder. She thinks the government will take care of everyone. Right

  • Off Grid Junky

    Off Grid Junky

     2 years ago

    people would be surprised at how much money it takes to set up an off grid property....time and money..

  • HomeSteadHow


     2 years ago

    great video i just sub!

  • Patricia Burchfield

    Patricia Burchfield

     2 years ago +1


  • Patricia Burchfield

    Patricia Burchfield

     2 years ago

    Can someone help this single Mom with a disabled child start a homestead. Will work hard and bargain if I Have ti!

  • Bob Ross

    Bob Ross

     2 years ago

    Property and retreat tour with hidden rooms with the shelters 😀 also how do pay property tax?

  • NinjaTruther


     2 years ago

    That's awesome. Everything mentioned is sound advice.

  • RebelPrepper1


     2 years ago

    15 years... I'm kinda jealous lol! Time is money, as they say. A person can get a lot accomplished with time and elbow grease

  • Jazz-makin-you-smile


     3 years ago +1

    where there is a will there is a way

  • tjar12


     3 years ago

    Some good points here on getting stuff on the cheap. Another way is checking out what people put out on the street for trash pick up if you are in a city or even rural areas. Sometimes you can find some decent stuff the people just don't want anymore.

  • GsP1979


     3 years ago

    New subscriber here, thanks for the great videos man. I love salvaging and recycling material. The amount of materials out there that can be reused, and gotten for free with a little bit of work is amazing. There are building materials everywhere that people can get for nothing, just need to look.

  • Charles Smith

    Charles Smith

     3 years ago

    How about local zoning laws and or building codes?