Sri Lanka Knockoff Market Spree!

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  • Published on:  Saturday, September 1, 2018
  • Today we are deep in the fake markets of Colombo, Sri Lanka as we bargain HARD for items such as Gucci, Chanel, Jordan, North Face, and much more! So come along for the ride!

    Thanks to KIDYOUNOT for the tracks
    @8:30 "Last Time" (88darko & Swamp God)
    @21:05 "Mustard"

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  • Collin Abroadcast

    Collin Abroadcast

     2 months ago +11

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  • viduni ekanayake

    viduni ekanayake


    It is good to find better places ,instead of encouraging the uneducated crowd to spread negativity. Sri lanka is full of good people,i should say, the majority of us live by the buddhist philosophy.

  • gradeez


     2 days ago

    Fuck man you've been slaughtered. All the items you bought are expensive!

  • Nuwan Kumara

    Nuwan Kumara

     2 days ago

    නොදකිං හු..;:'" ගෙ පුතාලා.. රටේ නම ඉවරයි

  • Kalwa Obone

    Kalwa Obone

     3 days ago

    Bloody Robbers

  • Basit Shah

    Basit Shah

     4 days ago

    You need to go Pakistan

  • Federico Chiapco

    Federico Chiapco

     4 days ago

    Sri lankans Wins!
    Round 1 sunglass
    Round 2 pajamas

  • r e m i x

    r e m i x

     5 days ago

    Big Polo or Small Polo

    Better Loco

  • Surya photography

    Surya photography

     6 days ago

    1 $ glasses

  • SHINE Creations

    SHINE Creations

     7 days ago

    They are cheeting. You paid too much.

  • TheGamerGangZxy


     7 days ago


  • wzmnii


     7 days ago

    Why indian have low class mentality??maybe because of their environment

  • Izac ronan

    Izac ronan

     7 days ago

    What’s the app u use

  • Cameron Kolodie

    Cameron Kolodie

     7 days ago

    Song at 8:40?

  • Adarsh Luchmum

    Adarsh Luchmum

     14 days ago

    Sorry bro you're a fool man sri lanka clothes price start from 1000rs r you mad mannn

  • marpi kamki

    marpi kamki

     14 days ago

    He charged you very much

  • Skyns 01

    Skyns 01

     21 days ago

    Man U can’t even try to bargain in Lebanon lol

  • Mustakim Kiash

    Mustakim Kiash

     21 days ago

    U paid Too Too much bruh
    2 pieces polo 800

  • Zaidope


     21 days ago +1

    Man the sunglasses ripped u off hard...those goggles are like 300

  • Victor Granados

    Victor Granados

     21 days ago

    When are you posting the video of yourself coming out of the closet in Thailand Collen?