Rudy Giuliani Says Collusion Is Not a Crime: A Closer Look

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 30, 2018
  • Seth takes a closer look at Trump's defenders moving on from insisting that the president didn't collude with Russia to arguing that even if he did, it's not a crime.
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    Rudy Giuliani Says Collusion Is Not a Crime: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

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  • Brandon R

    Brandon R

     1 months ago

    I refuse to believe trump is 6' 3''

  • Roshan Tiwari

    Roshan Tiwari

     1 months ago

    Trump has worst choice of lawyers. I am fine with the fact that Trump is the bad guy, but he is so bad at being the bad guy that it is cringy.

  • Julie Sprik

    Julie Sprik

     2 months ago

    Wait a couple more months and TRUMP will be the 400 lb. man sitting on his bed.

  • Alan Mundy

    Alan Mundy

     2 months ago

    Donald Trump never ceases to be shocking. What is more shocking though are the millions who still support this disgraceful and disgusting person. In my almost sixty years, I have never come across such an appalling person in such an important position. To think the US has gone from the likes of Washington, Lincoln and FDR to this moron. I can but only think of the lines in Shelley's poem Ozymandias ... Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!



     2 months ago

    Her facial expression says it all, yes, we too have that same expression, like "What in the world are you talking about, you lost me when you words started coming out of your mouth!" Wow!!! ;)

  • Omar Gonzalez

    Omar Gonzalez

     2 months ago

    Wonderful and absolutely truthful.

  • William Bacon

    William Bacon

     2 months ago

    Both trump and Giuliani are going senile. Trump is a crook and a traitor.

  • Tim Levis

    Tim Levis

     2 months ago

    So sometimes you put your trust in people an they turn there back on you,like trump did to America when he went to Russia.

  • Alresu


     2 months ago

    "He's a liar who's lawyer is lying about his lying lawyers lies."
    I wonder how long he had to train this sentence.

  • Nicholas Stein

    Nicholas Stein

     3 months ago

    I just stayed at Trump's DC Hotel and they had a frigging painting of Vladimir Putin up. Thought it was beyond strange. AND...there are many other people who have seen it!

  • Catherine Eden

    Catherine Eden

     3 months ago

    Collision sedition, what's in a word?

  • Brian Sully

    Brian Sully

     3 months ago

    Not sure if this is collusion or just a crush... but I stayed at Trump's DC Hotel recently and they had a Vladimir Putin painting hanging>

  • Doug Pender

    Doug Pender

     3 months ago

    "He's a liar whose lawyer is lying about his lying lawyers lies." Comedy gold.

  • Marley Bee

    Marley Bee

     3 months ago

    Collusion isn't a crime but Hillary and the Democrats should be investigated for collusion. I would say you can't have it both ways but so far Trump has had it anyway he wants to.

  • Studio2 Hansel and Gretel

    Studio2 Hansel and Gretel

     3 months ago

    The point is Trump is a lying peace of sicko crap.

  • Zandra Steele

    Zandra Steele

     3 months ago

    He says the word "business" 12 times in less than 28 seconds here. He's the king of spewing words without saying ANYTHING.

  • Someone Somewhere

    Someone Somewhere

     3 months ago

    The world is laughing at America.

  • Kenneth Sanders

    Kenneth Sanders

     3 months ago

    C'mon. The Pres is obviously technically demented. Give the disabled a break.

  • game n chill

    game n chill

     3 months ago

    Does Michael have a business?