My Babysitter's a Vampire doesn't make any sense...

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 8, 2019
  • My Babysitter's a Vampire Animated

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  • Addie Doherty

    Addie Doherty

     34 minutes ago


  • Golf Ball

    Golf Ball

     an hour ago

    There’s a tv show...I’ve watched all of it...don’t judge me...

  • Myra Ntlatlapa

    Myra Ntlatlapa

     an hour ago

    We love your videos Alex. I literally woke up in the middle of the night after one of the worst nightmares I’ve had in a long time (no vampires) and ended up on YT and eventually on your channel to calm my mind. Your videos are cracking me up in the middle of the night and i genuinely feel better. So thank you for all your hard work. ❤️

  • lilmiz productions

    lilmiz productions

     2 hours ago +1



  • Ryan Hughes

    Ryan Hughes

     2 hours ago +1

    “...And then something really spooky happens.”
    (Ad over fried chicken comes up)
    Me: Ahhh? Spooky?

  • Elijah


     3 hours ago

    wait this was a movie? I thought this was a show :/

  • Kingston Gill-Wilson

    Kingston Gill-Wilson

     3 hours ago

    funny how i loved this show and watched it 12 times already after watching this no more

  • Brainy hacker

    Brainy hacker

     3 hours ago

    I loved this movie as a kid and i didn't realize how funny it it 😂😂😂😂

  • Russtrick


     4 hours ago

    The show slapped no cap

  • Bonnalina Fuzbunny

    Bonnalina Fuzbunny

     4 hours ago +1

    The ending wouldn't be confusing if you watched the show.

  • Bonnalina Fuzbunny

    Bonnalina Fuzbunny

     4 hours ago +1

    The show is much better.

  • Will Clauson

    Will Clauson

     4 hours ago

    This show is kinda trash

  • Blanco


     4 hours ago

    Don’t diss my childhood

  • Chelsea Brown

    Chelsea Brown

     4 hours ago


  • that one strange artist

    that one strange artist

     4 hours ago

    did I here UNDERTALE (sorry I really like the game)

  • Dani Dorito

    Dani Dorito

     4 hours ago

    There's also a tv series which is way better

  • Cooper Carter

    Cooper Carter

     5 hours ago

    This is ligit twilight

  • Freakshow Nightmare sans is my oc son

    Freakshow Nightmare sans is my oc son

     5 hours ago

    Alex: and something spooky happens

    Ad: IM HERE!

  • Mr Monster

    Mr Monster

     5 hours ago

    That dude looks like Winona Ryder

  • Scarlette Artist

    Scarlette Artist

     6 hours ago

    I loved this show so much and it deserved better we deserved better