Peer Pressure

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  • Published on:  Saturday, February 18, 2017
  • We all have stories of peer pressure from our lives, and its dumb. Peer Pressure is stupid. Trying to pressure people into doing things they do not want to do is a scummy thing. Dont do it.

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  • Amie The Nerd B.

    Amie The Nerd B.

     3 hours ago +1

    This is how many times Adam said Prude

  • Truff Playz

    Truff Playz

     3 hours ago


    Trust me I’m not judging I just laughed so find the mistake

  • mindyjohnstone


     6 hours ago

    James u watch his videos

  • EpicGamer 08538

    EpicGamer 08538

     10 hours ago

    Here in Canada cannabis in legal now

  • H



    I live IN a rock

  • cat 777

    cat 777

     yesterday +1

    What if u try to get someone to eat healthy food or even eat at all?

  • Alexander Gutierrez

    Alexander Gutierrez



  • Kaelie Carr

    Kaelie Carr

     2 days ago

    What happened at the end, I couldn’t get what he said 😅

  • Xiomara Lozoya

    Xiomara Lozoya

     2 days ago

    Yeah my sister had friends do marijuana and she would always leave or refuse and mind her own business.
    Now IVE had friends who also smoked IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Ive always had given them those weird looks they’d think there bad-ass people 😂 there so stupid but I was too shy to say “HEY you shouldn’t be smoking” bc He was one of my good friends soooo yeah

  • Normal Girl

    Normal Girl

     2 days ago

    This video is as signe ,you know y?cuz my brother who definitely is a pice of shit and trident me for something I didn't wanna do.Thank you Adam !

  • cat 777

    cat 777

     2 days ago +1

    Thumb should be named Carl

  • Gamerlil250 yt

    Gamerlil250 yt

     3 days ago

    I love you adam I make fan art everyday for you sadly idk if I can got to vidcon london idk sorry :(

  • Jose Flores

    Jose Flores

     3 days ago

    Unless you try to tell your friend to sleep cuz it's like 3:00 AM

  • Sauce Saw

    Sauce Saw

     4 days ago +1

    Can u make freaking prude merch

  • Guadalupe Aguiar

    Guadalupe Aguiar

     4 days ago

    Weed is a drug so its illegal so you a wetness

  • عبدالله اكسدي

    عبدالله اكسدي

     4 days ago


  • عبدالله اكسدي

    عبدالله اكسدي

     4 days ago


  • عبدالله اكسدي

    عبدالله اكسدي

     4 days ago


  • Preston Wahl

    Preston Wahl

     4 days ago

    Also don’t hangout with morgz

  • Abel Barrett

    Abel Barrett

     4 days ago

    Nerf is cool and me