UFC 199 Dominick Cruz + Urijah Faber S**t Talk Face To Face On Air

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, April 6, 2016
  • UFC Fighters Dominick Cruz and Urijah Faber exchange verbal blows live on air while they stopped by The Cruz Show to talk about their upcoming match- UFC 199!

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/EqYqcIAFI_E




     7 days ago

    7:40 Uriah's literal words "what are you tryna accomplish by taking someone down? " 😂😂

  • Bob Lob

    Bob Lob

     a months ago

    These two are best buds they dont know it

  • Ad e

    Ad e

     a months ago

    Faber should shut up around Cruz or anyone for that matter

  • Harvey Day

    Harvey Day

     4 months ago

    Cruz: I’m taller than you.
    Faber: Not really. It’s mental.

  • Webbit2019


     4 months ago

    Fabers best days were in the WEC after that he was top 10 at best...this california hippy and his stupid arrogant smile...ehhh

  • Webbit2019


     4 months ago

    Cruz has a point..." I win against the best, faber loses against the best"...Cruz does only fight top 3 guys...

  • Ben Logan Square Diaz

    Ben Logan Square Diaz

     4 months ago

    The winner should of fingered the other guy hard in front of everybody

  • Chase Sturdevant

    Chase Sturdevant

     4 months ago

    Faber thinks height is mental...

  • DaveKraft400


     4 months ago

    Wish Cruz wasn't made out of glass and paper 😣

  • Raider Nation101

    Raider Nation101

     4 months ago

    Why is this guys mom there!!😂😂

  • josh z

    josh z

     4 months ago

    Have a ladder match fun to watch midgets scale a ladder

  • Sly


     4 months ago

    I've always liked the both of these guys they are both bad asses and Cruz has that crazy awkward footwork and Faber is just explosive as they come I loved those WEC days

  • Gregory Campbell

    Gregory Campbell

     4 months ago

    Then Faber got pretty beat up in that 199 fight. lol.

  • Mark Correale

    Mark Correale

     4 months ago

    For the longest time Urijah was the only guy who beat Cruz with a choke hold that had him begging to tap as soon as he could get his hand loose. I think Urijah won the second fight too, but the judge wasn't wearing his glasses that day so they gave golden boy Cruz the decision ... like almost all of his "victories" that came by decision, hence the name he is known by in some circles, "Decisionator."

  • Jordan Conde

    Jordan Conde

     5 months ago

    2:44 grandson tj lol

  • Douglas Herrick Jr

    Douglas Herrick Jr

     6 months ago

    I like how the host of the show thought he could beat fabers ass... fucking clown

  • Paddy Maginty

    Paddy Maginty

     8 months ago

    I actually love these two together, faber is like a little smart arse brother that always gets shat on haha

  • Combat-conspiracies-cats-kratom- brian frumps

    Combat-conspiracies-cats-kratom- brian frumps

     8 months ago

    Cruz almost cried

  • Letrano


     10 months ago

    The last line by Uriah was hilarious

  • Letrano


     10 months ago

    Cruz does always pull out of fights