UFC 199 Dominick Cruz + Urijah Faber S**t Talk Face To Face On Air

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, April 6, 2016
  • UFC Fighters Dominick Cruz and Urijah Faber exchange verbal blows live on air while they stopped by The Cruz Show to talk about their upcoming match- UFC 199!Power 106 YouTube Channel: Subscribe Now - http://bit.ly/17RrvxuFor more exclusive interviews visit:Power 106 Website - http://bit.ly/THwnRX Find Power 106:Facebook - http://bit.ly/TjOLyl Twitter - http://bit.ly/12eZ0t2Stream Power 106 - Where Hip Hop Lives:Listen Live - http://bit.ly/T0chlq
  • Source: https://youtu.be/EqYqcIAFI_E


  • MaCro CuRV

    MaCro CuRV

     3 years ago +142

    I cried when the guy was like "Urijah what do you have?" And then Cruz is like "Overhand right and a guillotine that's it." LOLOLOL

  • MrSnapy1


     3 years ago +271

    They should do a show where they are stranded on an island...

  • Davon Smith

    Davon Smith

     3 years ago +272

    Dominick's argument: I fight the best, top 5/top 3 contendors and win. So it's hard to finish them, but I win. Faber only finishes fighters who aren't even in the top 15 and loses to anyone in the top 5.
    Faber's argument: Nuh UH!

  • Derek Shelby

    Derek Shelby

     3 years ago +93

    "You've been running from your grandson" lol poor TJ

  • jrreogreugerugregreger


     3 years ago +98

    Faber's trash talk was awful until that last line. I have to give him that one.

  • Josh


     3 years ago +51

    dude tried to bang his mom lol

  • Juliano DiCaprio

    Juliano DiCaprio

     3 years ago +237

    I think these two will be best friends after the fight, they're like 2 school kids lol

  • Jordan Schlansky

    Jordan Schlansky

     3 years ago +90

    "Don't talk to me about decisions, man." Cruz walked right into that one.

  • MMA Opinion

    MMA Opinion

     3 years ago +123

    There's not enough room in here to do the Dominick Cruz hahaha damnnn that last call was savage.

  • whales


     3 years ago +83

    I could watch these two go at it all day. After they retire they should live in a house together and let people tune-in and subscribe $20 a month for 24/7 access.

  • Watchdog


     3 years ago +94

    "There is not enough room in here to run around and do the Dominick Cruz" - Urijah Faber.
    Hahahahaha! That was a good one!

  • Time Killing Fuel

    Time Killing Fuel

     3 years ago +105

    Faber looks stupid when he does his "ah ah ah" shtick to imply that the person he's arguing against is stuttering when they're really not. Then he goes on to stutter himself! LOL He did that same BS against Conor and got annihilated verbally.

  • Jack Bell

    Jack Bell

     3 years ago +11

    Dom: You got outwrestled by a high school wrestler.
    Urijah: Who!?
    Dom: Me.

  • Emerson A

    Emerson A

     3 years ago +127

    Uriah said there isn't enough room to run around and do the Dominick Cruz. Lmao

  • Top Flight Security

    Top Flight Security

     3 years ago +42

    Dominick Cruz is such an inspiration.

  • Lrdvltr


     3 years ago +28

    I like how these two can keep it civil and the fight trash talk within the sport. Not talking bad about friends or family like other fighters do when they trash talk. Classy guys.

  • James McConnie

    James McConnie

     3 years ago +77

    Urijah definitely isnt the best trash talker but i must admit today he was absolutely smoking cruz on the mic ROFL

  • Sprii


     3 years ago +40

    I'll challenge them to a 2 v 1
    On rust intervention only

  • LiangHuBBB


     3 years ago +14

    cruz wins vs the best
    while faber loses vs the best

  • William Bradford Bishop

    William Bradford Bishop

     3 years ago +36

    i dont have enough space to do dominick cruz lmao