The TRUTH About Tesla Model 3 After 1 Year...

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, October 23, 2019
  • Tesla Model 3 Performance review after 1 year of ownership. Is Tesla able to hold its crown as producer of the best all-electric vehicle? How does it compare to the Mercedes C-Class and BMW 3-Series and Kia Stinger?

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    A lot of questions come up when talking Tesla. How's reliability? What about battery degradation? Has the build quality deteriorated? How's the paint job? And the range? And the charging situation? And service costs? What about performance? And Autopilot? And Smart Summon? And more! All of this is answered in this comprehensive Tesla Model 3 review after one year of ownership.
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  • Snazzy Labs

    Snazzy Labs

     a months ago +837

    Excited for everyone to finally see this! We're super proud of it and think it's the best video we've ever made. If you decide to pick up your own Tesla, get free Supercharging and help us out by using my affiliate link!

  • Karol Palazej

    Karol Palazej

     57 minutes ago

    Why do you call it a fronk? Its not called a backonk....its called a trunk...doesnt necessarily mean its in the back.

  • Ken McCombs

    Ken McCombs

     an hour ago

    FYI. You can turn on the front seat warmers by touching the seat icons on the bottom of the display. You don’t have to go into the menu every time.

  • Kevin Roberts

    Kevin Roberts

     7 hours ago

    Nice review. Fair, Comprehensive & Objective. Solid camera & audio work with commendable public speaking skills. I was ready to get all negative on another Tesla fan boy but this was a well-done video. I have rented a Model S in San Fransisco and I don't believe a better car for that environment can be had. Regenerative braking and all the hills are a wonderful, synergistic match. I had a deposit down on a Model 3 and nearly bought a used Model S. This video showed me what I might have had. I opted for a 1972 Citroen DS 21. I drive it daily and never see another one on the road.

  • CuriosusMentis


     9 hours ago

    Best car review I've ever seen. You are in a league of your own Sir. Thank you, and I wish you all the success you deserve :)

  • Roman One

    Roman One

     10 hours ago

    Very good review. I might wait a couple years for battery improvements and build quality before I buy one. Really love this car!

  • mohammedalgore


     11 hours ago

    gotta luv the power shutoffs in mexifornia ........... charge that car during those blackouts

  • tt work

    tt work

     12 hours ago

    buttons. you say it wierd.

  • Douglas Hewitt

    Douglas Hewitt

     15 hours ago

    what do you think about eye fatigue due to the lcd screen particularly at night? I own a Model S, and after 2 years, its actually a legit issue.

  • Alan Pototsky

    Alan Pototsky

     18 hours ago

    I went with a Bolt. I don’t have to worry about vandalism, road rage and animosity from haters. I also don’t have to worry about parts availability and service. I’m pretty sure my next car will be a Tesla and hopefully the hate will have subsided by then.



     19 hours ago

    Tesla = Overrated Garbage

  • Martin


     19 hours ago

    The car is just like an iPhone, they send you updates.

  • Bob Conrod

    Bob Conrod

     21 hours ago

    How does a T3 compare to a Merc C class or BMW 3 series? Your joking right? Those 2 models don’t compare, period. I traded my Merc SLK for my T3 and as much as I loved that car, except for losing my convertible I’ve no regrets. The Model 3 is a better car. It’s also a better car than my wife’s BMW 528 and we all know that the 5 series is better than the 3 series Beemers, so question 2, solved. And for grins I can also say that the model 3 is a much better car than the Lexus RX300 in case anyone wants to know, because that’s what we had swapped out the 528 for a few months ago and my wife seriously regrets that we didn’t go Tesla when that swap happened. It will next time though.

  • Angelina Ciotola

    Angelina Ciotola

     22 hours ago

    Tesla’s are the best

  • rubidot


     22 hours ago

    Can passengers use the mobile app to control their seat warmers?

  • TechRyze


     22 hours ago

    Looks like a duck. It's a nice car, but the front is just odd.

    Amazing vehicle, though. Want one.

  • Scion_Fighter


     23 hours ago

    in LA LA LAND

  • calical26


     23 hours ago

    soon tesla will have sorlor glass

  • 67BlackFastback




  • ivy Stanage

    ivy Stanage


    Lmao the intro Dougggg