Can you tell these girls' sexual orientation

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  • Published on:  Thursday, February 8, 2018
  • Speaking of sexual orientation, we generally believe that when a person only loves opposite gender, that person is straight. Those who only loves the same gender people is homosexual. And Bisexual are into both men and women. Whereas, asexual, who is having no feeling towards both gender.Do you love boys or girls? Both or Neither?Although we against labeling, we have always been dependent on the label.Now, are you willing to tear away your labels to your friends?Today, Hard Candy is going to show you ...Little secrets between girls Watch more at Hard Candy video 👉 http: // (former name: the L) is a global lesbian dating app that is also the first geographically based Lesbian group exclusive mobile social product in China.Join Rela and 7 million pretty girls who do live videos together, make friends, have fun together 👯Download through iOS & Android 👉https: //■ □ Follow Rela app official account ■Facebook:
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  • Zaida Haagenbusch

    Zaida Haagenbusch

     7 months ago +9977

    "The only common thing for lesbians is they are girls and they love girls."

  • awebusan


     7 months ago +5808

    y'all been knew the blue flannel girl is gf material

  • DaughterOf Aphrodite

    DaughterOf Aphrodite

     7 months ago +5163

    That girl in the blue flannel. That moment when she winked at the camera, my wig flew away.
    It's in Australia (O_O)

  • kooklicious


     1 months ago +1135

    "Do you smoke?"
    "That's a straight sign"
    WhAt KiNd Of LoGiC iS tHaT

  • Skylar Otakupoper

    Skylar Otakupoper

     2 months ago +3263

    9:25 "Most people think I'm straight, but I am the gayest"

  • My Øbsessiøn

    My Øbsessiøn

     2 months ago +1523

    first girl: h-
    me: OH NO SHES HOT

  • lmaocat


     1 months ago +829

    Everyone's talking about blue flannel girl but the first girl was so cute and good looking.

  • ルナ


     7 months ago +3441

    "The only common thing between lesbians is they are a girl who loves girls" This video is so important, every gay woman is unique and she doesn't need to fit certain stereotypes to be considered lesbian or bi etc.

  • Djingo Django

    Djingo Django

     8 months ago +8637

    The moment that girl in the blue flannel rolled her eyes at that dudes joke I KNEW she was a lesbian

  • lexxie.


     7 months ago +548

    "only her index finger is short"
    my mind went places they shouldn't

  • My Bias Is South Korea’s Best Booty

    My Bias Is South Korea’s Best Booty

     1 months ago +516

    “Straight people have more frequent sex”
    Me, a Virgin: *laughs in Straight *

  • Sabina Tsang

    Sabina Tsang

     7 months ago +726

    has little chest
    Guess I’m gay then

  • Lookie Kookie

    Lookie Kookie

     7 months ago +728

    Omfg the girl in the blue flannel is messing me tf up. True love is real everybody.

  • BangtanSugaKookies


     8 months ago +9821

    That tall guy was so cocky omg. In his mind, it's like:
    If they think I'm attractive = they are straight
    If they think I'm not attractive = oh they must be lesbian
    Dude. Seriously. Get over yourself. There are countless straight girls who will not find you attractive. Especially with that personality.

  • JuliaDeutsch


     2 months ago +589

    “Gender performance is not the same as sexual orientation.” #Booksmart#

  • *insert cool username*

    *insert cool username*

     1 months ago +256

    When the girl kept asking about the girls nails I was like " SHE COULD BE A BOTTOM"

  • Tae’s ‘Oh no’ in singularity

    Tae’s ‘Oh no’ in singularity

     7 months ago +715

    If anyone is looking for the girl in the blue flannels insta it’s dg.planet33

  • lee soo

    lee soo

     7 months ago +413

    the ending message was so beautiful,, I’m glad they knocked down the toxic stereotypes that had been used tbh 💞 and even the straight girl who said just because she stands up for what she thinks, ppl assume she’s gay. they all sent out a good message ahhh 💓

  • Moonchild Joonie

    Moonchild Joonie

     8 months ago +15800

    The girl in the blue flannel is so hot,i'd let her run me over tbh

  • Bluemint Feathers

    Bluemint Feathers

     1 months ago +109

    "Bisexual is like : ok, all good, no problem"
    Lmaooooo true