Can you tell these girls' sexual orientation

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  • Published on:  Thursday, February 8, 2018
  • Speaking of sexual orientation, we generally believe that when a person only loves opposite gender, that person is straight. Those who only loves the same gender people is homosexual. And Bisexual are into both men and women. Whereas, asexual, who is having no feeling towards both gender.

    Do you love boys or girls? Both or Neither?
    Although we against labeling, we have always been dependent on the label.
    Now, are you willing to tear away your labels to your friends?

    Today, Hard Candy is going to show you ...
    Little secrets between girls
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  • It’s K/DA Uh

    It’s K/DA Uh


    3:01: *wink
    Kicks down doors: “IM GAY-“

  • multifandom fangirl

    multifandom fangirl

     5 days ago

    Okay what is the white haired guys ig?

  • Kpop on Crack

    Kpop on Crack

     7 days ago

    The guy with the blonde hair is cute

  • peach mints

    peach mints

     7 days ago

    the girl in the blue flannel..... who is she and how does she like her eggs cooked in the morning

  • K.D _

    K.D _

     8 days ago

    The blue flannel girl can literally run me over and I'll fucking thank her

  • E


     8 days ago

    yall should do this but with boys

  • rose


     9 days ago

    ok but like... they all seemed gay and the long haired girl I immediately thought was bi.. ig it makes sense that me, a lesbian has a better gaydar than straight ppl

  • 방탄소년단 사랑해私はBTSが大好き

    방탄소년단 사랑해私はBTSが大好き

     9 days ago

    I am pansexual (This wasn't in the video though 😂) So I guess Bisexual is the closest to my sexuality, I am also a girl and I would definitely without a doubt date that girl in the blue flannel, she's very pretty and I like her personality

  • Dennis Enamdos

    Dennis Enamdos

     9 days ago

    What is the background song

  • Multifandom stan

    Multifandom stan

     9 days ago +1

    *The girl with the gray jacket made me Lesbian*

  • Ruby A.

    Ruby A.

     9 days ago

    Blue flannel girl got me

  • aespenn


     9 days ago


  • Aesthetic Euphoria

    Aesthetic Euphoria

     9 days ago

    3:02 GOD SHES HOT

  • Chas MCTP

    Chas MCTP

     9 days ago

    I GOT TWO RIGHT HECK YA. Also I felt like they were all stereotypical too... Cause like I mean anyone can be anyway they wanna be. Society made us make so much stereotypes on how gay people should act or straight people should act or any other sexualities that are equally valid and very stereotypized (?) Is just real sad.

  • Vanora Lavellan

    Vanora Lavellan

     10 days ago

    The girl at 0.56 her hair style is so cute with the shave, can anyone tell me what the hair style would be called I guess?

  • Alice  Malaise

    Alice Malaise

     10 days ago

    Ok but the girl interviewer was a lesbian right?? Cos damn I'd move to China for you

  • frankie lol

    frankie lol

     11 days ago

    This video makes me so angry!! Theyre basically saying if you have no tits or you smoke youre basically a lesbian.

  • frankie lol

    frankie lol

     11 days ago +1

    3:09 sis i cant see your tits either??

  • Pauline Nguyen

    Pauline Nguyen

     11 days ago

    “if she doesn’t have boobs then she is also gay” ok :-(

  • Lauren Karina

    Lauren Karina

     11 days ago

    The tall guy is so annoying. Like dude, not everyone is going to find u attractive, straight or not.