UNFORGETTABLE FAMILY FEUD Answers & Steve Harvey Funny Moments On Family Feud USA!

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  • Published on:  Monday, October 1, 2018
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/Ev3sRw69RuQ


  • Bonus Round

     9 months ago

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  • LaVonne Polson

     11 days ago

    Mister Myers q.

  • Summer James

     24 days ago

    Mister Myers d

  • Holland Miss

     4 months ago

    Ok, white guys was the very first thing that popped into my head for that first one😂 I can’t believe nobody said that😂

  • Kayte Larsen

     an hour ago

    They probably didnt think it would b up there

  • Keisha Iz Awesome

     2 days ago

    That was the first thing I thought lmao

  • Kumonga :/

     2 months ago

    Steve: name something that has white ballsMe: *screaming at my screen* A WHITE MAN FOR CHRISTS SAKE SOMEONE SAY IT!!!

  • Ap0k4lypsV

     2 days ago

    First thought on my mind.

  • Max Power

     10 days ago

    Racist cunts !

  • Dat_Guy406 !

     14 days ago

    “They have a new device now. It’s called YouTube. You’re gonna be on it” Damn. Steve predicted it!

  • Max Power

     10 days ago

    Buncha fuckin trash tv on the WB !

  • Thomas Buddle

     12 days ago

    He was talking about the thumbnail, clickbait trends that h3h3 observed and predicted. The whole mommy make out day and fortnight win ill kiss my sister stuff. Stuff bad for the kids man

  • Abby Lynette

     2 months ago

    That dude was way too excited about the naked grandma

  • A&I Skits


    Yeah 😐

  • cxke

     2 days ago

    I was too distracted by your Mercy pfp 😂😂

  • Gangsta man

     2 months ago

    Dude straight up said his sister... National TV wow😳😳😳Sicc

  • Willa Werwaiss

     6 days ago


  • Ky f5ve

     10 days ago

    @GoldenMosmo ikr how was he standin straight 😂

  • I am conner, an android sent by ciberlife

     3 months ago

    Steve:When you were younger what did you use to practice kissingJeff:sisterIn everybody's heads: SWEET HOME ALABAMA

  • Fright Light

     2 days ago

    We all had it blast in our head 😂

  • Sugar Renji

     2 days ago

    i honestly skipped that part, knew it would be cringy

  • Turtlelochy

     2 months ago

    Steve: Name something you would use to practice kissing withGirl: *Orange*Steve's brain: surely this is wrong*its right*Steve: end me now

  • Jake Toth

     16 days ago

    White girls know best

  • Ryan Goodwin

     22 days ago

    I know this is kind of a cheezy show, but steve harvey is hilarious.

  • A Guy

     19 days ago

    Steve: "Which of the seven dwarves describes your wife in bed?"Both: *Shakes head intensely*

  • The Armored

     2 days ago

    It was the smartest, and safest move they could have made.

  • react and draw

     3 days ago

    Safest would be happy

  • Katie

     2 months ago


  • Asia Bush

     5 days ago

    666 like

  • Ryan Goodwin

     22 days ago

    I thought steve was gonna turn around and look at that and be like what the hell???