How Much Money YouTube Paid Me For 2 Million Views! YEAR 2 UPDATE! I WAS SURPRISED TOO HONESTLY 😱

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 29, 2019
  • Today I am sharing how much money youtube has paid in the past two years a.k.a. for 2 million views. Hope you guys enjoy.

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  • Shay Budgets

    Shay Budgets

     4 months ago +363

    Today I am sharing how much money youtube has paid in the past two years a.k.a. for 2 million views. Hope you guys enjoy.



     2 hours ago

    I'm happy to stumble across your video. Its a great inspiration to become a youtuber to gains wealth by utilizing viral views thank you.

  • Jessslopoke


     5 hours ago

    How did you get enough subscribers in a month?

  • Rmsimmons31


     18 hours ago

    Which video are you referencing as the most popular video that earned you the most money?

  • Sharon Brown

    Sharon Brown

     23 hours ago

    Enjoyed your video. Very informative. Thank you for being so candid. Wish you much blessed.

  • samantha bess

    samantha bess


    You are all over the place with this!!! You said earning is not actually receiving the amount. So exactly how much you made each year.????

  • artan jashari

    artan jashari


    Im here to find how much wasted time




    I'm glad I stumbled across this video. I'm a new Youtuber and subscriber to your channel. Extra income is always good, but I'm going to make sure I concentrate on creating quality content and learning as much as I can to better myself with understanding YouTube Analytics. TFS

  • elona sagayno

    elona sagayno


    Hi my friend I really like your hair,thank you for sharing about your utube salary.

  • Michael Matthews

    Michael Matthews


    Really love your channel, what equipment to film with?

  • Nicole Henry

    Nicole Henry


    Amazing that you should share this...God bless you always.

  • Zarasha1



    Where does YouTube get money to pay people? Is it through commercials?

  • Bouncymotive


     yesterday +1

    Thank you for making this very helpful video I just subscribed and will be tuning in to your channel stay blessed 🙏🏾💙💕

  • Nikki Sins

    Nikki Sins


    However many subbies you have plus 1 😊(me)

  • PHTummy ASMR

    PHTummy ASMR


    I hope and excited to be monitized this year im a newbie i hope my channel will also be successful this year🥰🥰🥰 your an inspiration my friend

  • cna's life Houston Tx

    cna's life Houston Tx


    U cute and talk too much That's your biggest selling point I gotta go take u too long to get to the point

  • Chaunyae’s Channel

    Chaunyae’s Channel

     yesterday +1

    I hope this year everyone that’s wanting to make a YouTube be very successful and don’t give up 💪🏾🙏

  • Chaunyae’s Channel

    Chaunyae’s Channel


    I love the quality of your camera it’s amazing 👍🏿❤️

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     2 days ago

    Congratulations 🎊🎉🎈🍾♥️

  • Spiritual EYES HELP YOU RISE

    Spiritual EYES HELP YOU RISE

     2 days ago

    Keep doing your thing