Eugene Volunteers At The Trevor Project

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  • Published on:  Monday, December 3, 2018
  • TREVOR MIGHT BE EXPERIENCING HIGH VOLUMES AND WAIT TIMES RIGHT NOW, if you are not in an immediate crisis but still looking to connect with someone more quickly, their online community,, can help you connect with other young people between the ages of 13 and 24.

    Eugene volunteers at The Trevor Project, the world's largest suicide prevention organization for LGBTQ youth, and explores the training process it takes to become a lifeline counselor. Visit The Trevor Project at

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  • Laura Jean

    Laura Jean

     an hour ago

    Ok yeah I cried. Thank you for bringing attention to the issues that affect queer youth. Coming out, dealing with people at school, and accepting yourself. We need the love they provide.

  • Heidi Jung

    Heidi Jung

     an hour ago

    yay Eugene is a Marvel fan :)

  • Laura Jean

    Laura Jean

     an hour ago

    “Everyone will sit on me.” “Welcome to your interview......” so funny

  • just another person

    just another person

     5 hours ago

    Everyone is here in the comments sharing their stories about growth in the LGBTQ communities and I'm here freaking out because my name is

  • Ashlea Jade

    Ashlea Jade

     5 hours ago

    god seeing eugene become more vulnerable and open makes me so proud but it hurt my heart seeing how so genuinely uncomfortable he was because he's not used to being open w his emotions

  • Maddie S

    Maddie S

     6 hours ago

    i got the chills during this.

  • Cassidy F.

    Cassidy F.

     8 hours ago


  • Jay.1202


     8 hours ago

    Is Eugene gay??

  • Root Root

    Root Root

     9 hours ago

    I just called them and I feel so much better this really helps I can’t remember the name of the guy but bless him 😁💞

  • EmberWolf333


     10 hours ago

    oof i was not expecting to cry this is so powerful 10/10
    this is such an important project and i know some people that could really benefit from hearing about this

  • Gunhild Kolstad

    Gunhild Kolstad

     11 hours ago

    I am a bit scared to ask this, but I am a Norwegian teen that needs someone to talk to and I feel like I can’t talk with my family or teacher. Do any of you think that I still can call them?

  • robyn the iguana

    robyn the iguana

     11 hours ago

    i want to give him all the hugs <333

  • Sky Wolf

    Sky Wolf

     11 hours ago

    I’m part of the lbgtq+ community

  • Abby Smith

    Abby Smith

     12 hours ago

    I'm just waiting for someone to say "I would totally sit on Eugene in that suit"

  • sydandtaytum


     12 hours ago

    i think eugene would benefit a lot from some some therapy to sort out his personal childhood traumas. he is a caring and deeply feeling person deep down but i think he has a hard time trusting and being open/vulnerable due to his traumas growing up.

  • megan KNKpop

    megan KNKpop

     13 hours ago

    Waw Im really crying this got me

  • Brittany Morden

    Brittany Morden

     15 hours ago +1

    My very best friend is gay, and the girl that I have a thing for is trans female. Both of these people are very important people that I care about greatly, and I know that growing up neither of them had an easy time. Knowing two strong, intelligent, absolutely beautiful people like them, it hurts to know that a couple of years back, they struggled so much with themselves and with society being so close-minded, cruel and unaccepting. However, it gives me a peace of mind to see that there are organizations out there like The Trevor Project dedicated to helping the LGBTQ community in any way they can. This may help other members of the community get through what two very important people in my life had to endure. They were strong enough to get through it on their own, but after hearing the statistics, it's clear not everyone can be as lucky.

  • Mimi Nguyen

    Mimi Nguyen

     16 hours ago

    *Eugene becomes gay* YES QUEEN SLAY

  • Lillian Barcroft

    Lillian Barcroft

     16 hours ago

    ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 beautiful

  • wallflowers _

    wallflowers _

     17 hours ago

    I’m glad Eugene has been able to open up and learn that it’s okay to feel the way he does.