Top 10 LIES About Survival: What Is MOST Important to Stay Alive? Fire, Shelter, Water, Skills?

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  • Published on:  Saturday, October 22, 2016
  • People believe a lot of lies and myths when it comes to survival. What do you need to stay alive? Is it a knife? A fire steel? Water? A shelter? In this video I am going to share the top 10 lies I often hear people believing when it comes to wilderness survival. The #1 answer many surprise you - check it out!

    1. The Mora Craftline Basic 5 11 -
    2. Mylar Blankets -
    3. UCO Stormproof Matches -
    4. Light My Fire Fire Steel 2.0 -
    5. Stanley Stainless Steel Cook Set -

    1. ESEE 6 -
    2. Ontario Knife Company Rat 7 -
    3. Benchmade Bushcrafter -
    4. TOPS Kukri -
    5. Mora Garberg -

    1.CRKT Squid -
    2. Benchmade Griptilian -
    3. Spyderco Tenacious -
    4. Ontario Knife Company Rat 2 -
    5. CRKT Fossil -

    1. Streamlight Microstream -
    2. Olight S1R Baton 2 -
    3. Thrunite T1 -
    4. Thrunite TC15 -
    5. Fenix PD35 TAC -

    1. Bahco Laplander Saw -
    2. Corona Folding Saw -
    3. Mechanix Gloves -
    4. Large Firesteel -
    5. Pocket Bellows -

    1. Vertx EDC Commuter Sling Bag -
    2. Maxpedition Valence Tech Sling -
    3. Vanquest Mobius -
    4. Vanquest Envoy 13 Bag -
    5. Helikon-Tex Bail Out Bag -

    1. Car Survival Bag -
    2. 10 Lies About Survival -
    3. 10 Survival Knives -
    4. TSA Kit -
    5. TOPS Kukri & Kit -

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  • Jack Obrein

    Jack Obrein


    Road flares are a must for an emergency fire!
    Fuck that Ferro Rod! When your cold, wet, and injured. It is much easier to strike that cap!
    Thats not to say that you shouldn’t have 3 means of fire. I just prefer to have a 4th one. Called a road flare!

  • Josh O

    Josh O

     2 days ago +1

    0:42 That is the stiffest walk I've ever seen.

  • TJfishbuk Salliverro

    TJfishbuk Salliverro

     3 days ago

    I'm smart Im just gonna stay away from the jungle, in thick woods, warzone, wilderness, isolated areas, middle of the desert where Ill be alone, middle of the ocean where I will be alone in other words everywhere I go I make sure I have company and not in the middle of nowhere. Its good to have a company at all times that you can use as a human shield in case you're in the middle of a shoot out and survival is of the essense. Why would I go to those places anyway if it poses danger to myself and I stay away from trouble so that I don't even have to buy any survival equipment. Again keep it simple, just stay away from potential trouble and you don't need to buy any survival stuff.

  • Nevil


     4 days ago

    Having the will to survive. Very important.
    Years ago I read about a woman that chartered a single engine aircraft to fly someplace. Plane crashed in the mountains. I think the pilot did get a Mayday call out. Pilot died in crash. Woman had both legs broken.

    Several days later searchers found the plane and the woman. She had died of dehydration. She was laying beside a muddy puddle of water. Due to the weather they knew the water had been there while she lay beside it.

    The searchers believe that she could not bring herself to drink muddy water. There did not appear to be any other reason that she had died due to the dehydration.

  • Jay Brophy

    Jay Brophy

     6 days ago

    I hate how ppl always think that a 22 lr... 9mm hand gun and 12 gauge shotgun are the survival must haves..... I can kill any animal or trespasser with just 1 gun my ak 7.62..... u should do a episode on survival weapons in particular riffles

  • witheredandobsolete


     7 days ago

    Marines are put through a week of specialized training where they are put in the woods with practically nothing and they have to survive. Is there anything for the layperson to hone their skills like this? (In a controlled manner of course)

  • Henry Meguess

    Henry Meguess

     7 days ago

    I also carry a small air horn. I believe parents would do well to have a small backpack for the children.

  • Erik Acosta

    Erik Acosta

     7 days ago

    Waste of time

  • Jake Black

    Jake Black

     7 days ago

    Nothing here to learn.

  • richardoky


     7 days ago

    Probably the most over looked item is a Whistle. Give one to your kids you can hear it at a longer distance and it will last much longer than you can scream for help.



     7 days ago +1


  • pdchr


     7 days ago

    #11... you might click on a video to learn something... but instead you didn't.

  • Chad Larochelle

    Chad Larochelle

     7 days ago


  • Kevin Beck

    Kevin Beck

     7 days ago

    The biggest lie is that you will survive cuz you won't

  • Mederic Blouin

    Mederic Blouin

     7 days ago

    Can we eat baby yoda in the forest?

  • James M

    James M

     7 days ago

    Summary of the video: People think they are ready to survive because they have equipment.

  • Coco Drilo

    Coco Drilo

     7 days ago

    Knowledge is #1. Skill #2. Gear #3. If I could only have 4 things it would be a Poncho, BIC Lighter, knife, Something I could hold/boil water in.

  • Top Dawg

    Top Dawg

     7 days ago

    #11 Lie: All survival tactics and skills are the same. NOT TRUE. How you survive in the desert is different than how you manage to survive in the tundra or the swamps. Each environment has its own skill set and difficulties. Skills that work in one environment may not be effective in another.

  • quick chicken

    quick chicken

     14 days ago

    knowledge is the best survival tool

  • Bill Boyd

    Bill Boyd

     14 days ago


    I have an online business I recently started in the survival industry and would like to feature you as one of our guest experts.

    It would be something we consistently show to our new customers so it would be great exposure for you if you are open to it. Would you be open to talking a little bit more about this? My email is