Opening a Real Cursed Dybbuk Box (Gone Wrong) Very Scary Demon Box 3AM

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  • Published on:  Saturday, December 15, 2018
  • I ordered a real dybbuk box online aka Demon in a box and ran a few tests on the box! The results are very scary and creepy...

    After opening the box I immediately began to wish that I hadn't. I used an EMF Detector and Spirit box to test if the box had any type of paranormal charge. Is this box haunted? or is my house now haunted due to opening the box?

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  • Mind Seed TV

    Mind Seed TV

     9 months ago +3418

    I've uploaded the strange things I captured on camera after returning home! Check it out now



     31 minutes ago


  • Tommy


     4 hours ago

    Dude, you let something out. Your life is screwed. Trust me.

  • Yie Dela Cruz

    Yie Dela Cruz

     7 hours ago

    If you don't believe in god, don't mess with these things. Your faith is your protection.

  • DIngram00


     12 hours ago

    "Its just a box" Emf Detector go off...
    You were saying?.....

  • Paul Wilson

    Paul Wilson

     13 hours ago


  • Favorable crowd

    Favorable crowd

     14 hours ago

    10:22 look at the play button I saw something move

  • Joshua Calendine

    Joshua Calendine

     18 hours ago

    Brad Pitt style - what’s in the box?

  • Andrea Dgeorge

    Andrea Dgeorge

     22 hours ago

    Before i even watch this, tell me you put gloves on.

  • Shohrat Kamalov

    Shohrat Kamalov


    Gone Wrong in title reminds me of prank channels

  • Ernie Clark

    Ernie Clark


    And the YouTube play button is what? Probably 2 or 3 pounds

  • Hound of Uladh

    Hound of Uladh


    "Yeah fuck that I'm outta here" literally pmsl
    That shit is no joke

  • Muhd Hadi

    Muhd Hadi


    still hunting your housenow?

  • CringingCrit



    Gonna buy a bunch of these and release them in random abandoned places.

  • winkyy dinkzzz

    winkyy dinkzzz


    may Jesus Christ keep us all safe and protected from any evil or negative energies, amen

  • Kipstick



    “What is in the box?” ....A dick in a box

  • BobbieJean Turgeon

    BobbieJean Turgeon


    Dude I can see the nervousness all over your face... Man I'm sorry but I'm all set with those boxes hahaha props to you bud you have more balls than I do (obviously I'm a chick so no actual balls but you know what I mean hahaha) just make sure you cleanse your home man. A little rosemary lavander and a smidge of sage ( sage is meant for like harsh cleanse its like usimg bleach to clean your toilet ya know) so a little sage goes a long way you wany to cleanse bad energy not good and the rosemary and lavander allows the good energy to remain lile positive and good vibes but I do it to my place a couple times a month just to clean out like stagnant energy and bad vibes left over from any bad moods or shit friends and family might have left behind. I promise you I know what I'm talking about when it comes to cleansing homes and energy. That pillar is a selenite stone that is for protection along with regular quartz, Scolecite Stone not sure if that's the proper spelling. Those are just a few that are known strong protection stones. Get some hold them and just think protection from whatever general and overall spirit protection and it charges them up. I understand many ppl don't believe in gem stone/ minerals being used as protection or any thing but just being stones but they work well for myself and tons of other people out there. Just wanted to help out and give you a few tips on how to help keep your home safe since you investigate the paranormal bud! Good luck and may you always be safe and protected

  • Αγγελος 4009 gr

    Αγγελος 4009 gr


    Dode you are crazy

  • Abby-Jayne Bucher

    Abby-Jayne Bucher


    I used to be a Satanist, and I was cringing the whole time. No offence but you are so stupid for putting that in your house and opening it. That is what hotels are for.

  • Mage


     yesterday +1

    Mindseed: chances of these things being real. Slim to none.
    *opens box
    Demon: I'm about to end this mans whole career.