ATEEZ(에이티즈) - 'WAVE' Official MV

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  • Published on:  Monday, June 10, 2019
  • Release Date: 2019. 06. 10▶ ATEEZ Official Homepage:▶ ATEEZ Official V LIVE:▶ ATEEZ Official Facebook:▶ ATEEZ Official Twitter:▶ ATEEZ Official Instagram:▶ ATEEZ Official Fancafe:▶ KQ Official Homepage:▶ KQ Official V LIVE:▶ KQ Official Facebook:▶ KQ Official Twitter:▶ KQ Official Instagram: #에이티즈 #WAVE
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  • Lee Felix

     10 days ago

    My brain: *don't say it*My brain cells: *not today*Not even my soul: *pls don't*Me: *HAKUNA MATATA YOO!!!*Edit:WE HIT 5M VIEWS!!!!

  • Fiera Yusmie

     3 hours ago

    GUYSSS WE DID ITT!!!! Our boys finally got their first winnnn😭😭😭😭😭😭#ATEEZ1STWIN

  • Dean Nitza Elizabeth

     9 hours ago

    @yoominn babe ive been stanning ateez since their damn parking garage KQ Fellaz days 😂💕💕 Bangtan comments don't disrespect or diminish them, please don't be so backwards lmao

  • 80z TREASURE

     2 days ago

    Atiny we must give Ateez their first win, vote WAVE in IdolChamp for Show Champion, Atiny don't loose hope please we will have that 1st win

  • Otaku Manga

     an hour ago

    First win now let's get the 2nd award

  • Sabrina Khan

     an hour ago

    Yes! We finally did it on Mnet! Next will be show champion and the show (you can vote on starpass) :)

  • streαm kill this love

     2 days ago

    we’re such a small fandom literally ateez aren’t even a year old yet and we just went up against wjsn’s fanbase which has been around since 2016 do you realise how hard we worked when you think about that?? thank you to all the atinys who voted for working so hard!! next time ♥️

  • Go stan Ateez now

     11 hours ago

    How about stream boy with love?

  • Two Eyes

     19 hours ago

    streαm kill this love Beautifully said hon ❤️✨

  • 80z TREASURE

     2 days ago

    M U S T R E A D ! ! !To all Atiny around the world aren't you curious on how Ateez would react for their first ever win? We all do right? And we all want to witness that, But for that to actually happen we need to give our best, and from what Jongho said "Atiny exists because of Ateez and Ateez exists because of Atiny" so we need to work hard for them to exist and be heard all around the world.M U S T D O !!!The only chance left for us is the live vote for tomorrow night 6:05 pm - 7:0...

  • Jimin is my life

     an hour ago

    We won😭😭😭im so emotional


     an hour ago

    WE MADE IT!!!!!!

  • Ines 778

     2 days ago

    Don't forget we can win this week on mcountdown we already won prevoting and we are first on vi3ws and first for live voting ! We just have to keep str3aming and vote for live voting on mwave

  • Kookies and suga with no jams

     20 minutes ago


  • Kriselle Catid

     20 minutes ago


  • •MultiFandomShit•

     10 days ago

    How many people like ATEEZ? | | |\/

  • Jelahia white

     35 minutes ago

    My daughter, her 2 best friends and me !!!😍😍😍😍😘💖💖💖💖

  • Catherine Ogagan


    How many people love this song?💗💟💕👇

  • ATEEZ stole my wig

     20 hours ago

    Catherine Ogagan Please don’t use emojis

  • jadbishi ikki

     18 hours ago

    If Ateez was from one of the biggest company in kpop entertainment then maybe they will be the biggest and next gen kpop group but i guess they're doing great by now! Even tho they deserve more attention and recognition tbh.

  • Sabrina Khan

     an hour ago

    It's okay! After their 1st win on Mnet, I'm positive that they can surely gain more recognition and more ATINYs to vote for them for their next win! :) Don't forget to vote for them on Starpass (for The Show) & IdolChamp (for Show Champion) FIGHTING!

  • REM


    Hello dear atinys who are streaming right now! I would like to sincerely thank you for all your hard work❤️🤗❤️

  • Park Nai Sha

     2 days ago

    I really really really love their every thing,so let’s shout with ATEEZ- HAKUNA MATATA YA ~ 💃😆