SWV Talks 'Ladies Night', Legacies, Loyalty + More

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  • Published on:  Friday, April 19, 2019
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/FJg3idWdEio


  • Cass L

     (Apr 19, 2019)

    I am so here for Lee Lee's personality / sense of humor and Taj's loyalty to relationships~ Talented women!

  • mistermilkman

     (Apr 29, 2019)

    She got me with "community puss." 👀😂🤣🤦

  • Thickmomma

     (Apr 19, 2019)

    We need a Total interview

  • Danii Elle

     (May 7, 2019)

    Issa no for me dawg

  • Stacy Robinson

     (May 6, 2019)

    +Downtown_NY45 me too, they just vanished.

  • Anthony Bennett

     (Apr 19, 2019)

    Some Legendary ladies right here, they played a huge role for R&B in the 90's for my generation💯

  • Joe King

     (Apr 25, 2019)

    +T. knows Yes, she is the one performing that hook. Some people may not have noticed, because she's not in the music video for that song, but that is indeed her on the hook.

  • Stacy Robinson

     (Apr 22, 2019)

    Yes even groups like Destiny's Child looked up to them

  • C. J.

     (Apr 19, 2019)

    Le Le...my type of chic. Shes fun as hell

  • tiffany cooper

     (Apr 19, 2019)

    Can I get an Xscape, TLC and SWV Concert?

  • t Smitty

     (6 days ago)

    Yes !!!!!

  • Danielle Brown

     (May 4, 2019)

    And 702!

  • doogie Five-Four

     (Apr 19, 2019)

    They need to get CoCo on here *expeditiously*

  • J T

     (May 10, 2019)

    Nahhh this was actually better without her- it was a fun interview- no shade

  • FunIs 41

     (Apr 26, 2019)

    doogie Five-Four nahhhh they have personality too. I would like to see CoCo though.

  • DFSdiva

     (Apr 19, 2019)

    "The 90's was lit" - Taj 🙌🏾 🔥

  • Lynn W

     (Apr 19, 2019)

    'rain' will NEVER get old. 😍the way coko switched up her vocals to softly coo those verses… legendary.

  • Danii Elle

     (May 7, 2019)

    Lynn W she is the GOAT

  • ikexbankai

     (Apr 25, 2019)

    Agreed. Their first album is one of the best R&B albums period

  • P

     (Apr 19, 2019)

    We gone need a Netflix 10 part series for SWV bio

  • Wise Diva

     (May 8, 2019)

    I argee plus xscape got a biopic in the makings

  • Dasan Dasan

     (Apr 30, 2019)

    Yeah we do!

  • GulfCoastBalla

     (Apr 19, 2019)

    Yall must be young , saying Taj look like a man....no, she looks like Taj from SWV

  • BRAND NEW715

     (May 9, 2019)

    Taj is beautiful all the ladies are in the group....

  • Wise Diva

     (May 8, 2019)

    Taj always was so pretty to me