Lucifer is such a weird show...

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, April 9, 2019
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    Umbrella Academy is kinda weird...

    YOU is the creepiest show I've ever seen...

    The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a weird show...

    Insatiable really is the dumbest show...

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  • EmiRachelNatalie


     48 minutes ago

    It's a really good shoe though 😍

  • koji lik

    koji lik

     12 hours ago +1

    nickelback on repeat

  • addycatstar



    6:04 omg. I felt this....

  • Ivnoor Mann

    Ivnoor Mann


    What I don’t understand is how chole Is the only person who Can with stand Lucifers charm there are other people born as miracles

  • Christina H

    Christina H

     2 days ago

    Ok but Lucifer is really good

  • Tifany S

    Tifany S

     3 days ago

    God given 😂 not gonna lie I loved that comeback

  • Anna lena

    Anna lena

     3 days ago +1

    Lucifer is the best show, it’s just awesome😍

  • Gloria Golden

    Gloria Golden

     4 days ago

    alex for the love of god please stop drawing the top of your buttcrack 5:34

  • Çağlar Batman

    Çağlar Batman

     4 days ago

    please stop calling every single show weird and nonsense



     4 days ago

    Lucifer is a masterpiece

  • A rats Booty hole

    A rats Booty hole

     5 days ago +1

    I’m so happy u did one on Lucifer but also a-fended

  • Oana Dima

    Oana Dima

     5 days ago

    1:9 why do you hate the big bang theory that made me unsubscribe😭

  • Rabbit TK

    Rabbit TK

     5 days ago

    Its actually a really good show go fuck yourself.

  • Anda Paulinic

    Anda Paulinic

     5 days ago

    Watched all the 4 season in 7 days... I do not know how to funcion now.

  • Eruzaato


     6 days ago

    I love Luci! I love your videos. I hate that you have me at a crossroads now. DANGIT ALEX! <3 I love you both. screw it.

  • Leticia Battistini Laker

    Leticia Battistini Laker

     6 days ago +3

    One of my favourite lines is: "Oh, so you mean you don't remember the part when you passed out, woke up again, shouted at me: "It's too hot in this five star hell hole!" I believe it was, then tore your clothes off and proceeded to hop the bed?"

  • Dede Prahoveanu

    Dede Prahoveanu

     6 days ago

    You judge a lot of shows but did u even watch a single season?On this shows,even on Riverdale wich is the cringe show I ever saw,people work so hard and we just judge,judge and JUDGE all the time.We should start apreciate more the work that is made for us bc they don t do this shows bc they are bored or something they do them for us to watch them and if we don t like them it s not a problem but don t judge and spread hate everywhere cause it s not nice so...WHEN U ARE GONNA DO WHAT THOSE PEOPLE DO FOR YEARS ,i mean tvd cast spend 10 or 9 idk to made us happy,THEN YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO JUDGE OTHER SHOWS!!!

  • Jonny Flowers

    Jonny Flowers

     6 days ago

    You should do Hop...the Easter bunny movie

  • I Pro Chan

    I Pro Chan

     7 days ago

    Im a big fan of the tv show called suits and super happy that some of the actors are in this show

  • Cavidan Karadağ

    Cavidan Karadağ

     7 days ago

    7:22 mood