2018 GK U.S. Classic - Olympic Channel Broadcast

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 29, 2018
  • July 28, 2018 - Schottenstein Center - Columbus, Ohio

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/FNEeMvHmuEw


  • Sam Carson

    Sam Carson

     9 days ago

    calling the top 8 names during the award ceremony and the camera's only focused on simone's face. she's excellent, but give the other's some spotlight please. i want to see more of their routines during rotation breaks not a rerun of all of simone's that we've already seen

  • Kevin Lee

    Kevin Lee

     9 days ago

    Suck you 121 people

  • Izabel Chuklochak

    Izabel Chuklochak

     10 days ago +1

    Reagan a little rusty lookout Reagan

  • Seth_Acolyte 123

    Seth_Acolyte 123

     10 days ago

    i lost my freakin mind when someone chose legend of korra music for their floor exercise!!!!!!!

  • Andrea Cardinale

    Andrea Cardinale

     12 days ago

    I love Simone but gabby is amazing 😉



     14 days ago

    59:30. She needs a new coach.

  • Clara Favre

    Clara Favre

     15 days ago

    Simone is my idle

  • Maria Elvegård

    Maria Elvegård

     18 days ago

    Simone is my person I look up to by the way this is my daughter saying this

  • Ramsés Vásquez

    Ramsés Vásquez

     27 days ago

    I Am A romantic....b-cause I (me!) don't care :P Simone says it All!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Laura Reads Sometimes

    Laura Reads Sometimes

     1 months ago

    That girl at 1:40:08 in the background though. lol.

  • Strong and Flexible people

    Strong and Flexible people

     1 months ago +1

    (on floor obviously😂)

  • ShookSaltShaker


     1 months ago

    I can’t imagine the amount of pressure she feels to meet all the expectations for her

  • Kyla Farquhar

    Kyla Farquhar

     1 months ago

    I loved watching Jades calm. She was so powerfully serene.

  • Dylan Black

    Dylan Black

     1 months ago

    On the floor I mean.

  • Dylan Black

    Dylan Black

     1 months ago

    Aren’t they supposed to do at least one forward somersaulting move?

  • bblackberi


     1 months ago

    May God bless Simone Biles. No one can know or understand the pressure this young girl is under. Everyone loves you when you’re doing great, but just begin to slip a little and people are ready to crucify you with unkind words based on jealousy. This is her fleeting moment in the sun. Let her enjoy it. I love the replays of Simone in action. I enjoy the other girls too, but the ONLY reason I tuned in to watch this was because Simone Biles was performing.

  • Ophelia C

    Ophelia C

     1 months ago

    Simone is so talented, and a pretty girl too

  • Jackson Catlett

    Jackson Catlett

     1 months ago

    Tim Telling Riley Mcusker to “take a picture of the score board while she’s ahead” was so disrespectful.

  • firebird x

    firebird x

     2 months ago +1

    Morgan is amazing omg!!! Shes going to the olympics one day she has to

  • #Ocean_Gymnast_101 :D

    #Ocean_Gymnast_101 :D

     2 months ago +1

    At school, my friends tease me that I am so short and that my shoulder are so wide. It's cuz of gymnastics and seeing all these gymnasts that have the same features makes me happy