When Japanese Try To Speak English Like A Native

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  • Published on:  Thursday, November 15, 2018
  • Source: https://youtu.be/FOEwO58a_w8


  • Demonic Sinn

    Demonic Sinn

     7 months ago +23942

    I thought she was just really good at mimicking American English, turns out she was born in Phoenix.

  • DSW


     7 months ago +980

    How it feels to be mexican in Spanish class

  • jams.101 *

    jams.101 *

     7 months ago +2220

    You can tell the fourth girl knows how to speak English :p

  • sarah editzz

    sarah editzz

     7 months ago +2962

    im cringing so hard at the last girl pretending to be amazed like bruh you obviously are a foreigner. i see u hunny

  • Anushka Sarkar

    Anushka Sarkar

     7 months ago +1894

    to be fair siri doesnt understand me and im a native speaker

  • Spencer Fox

    Spencer Fox

     7 months ago +3864

    Last girl is obviously hacking.

  • 꿀셰이


     7 months ago +692

    Who’s the last girl trynna fool? She is a native speaker loool 😂😂

  • Sierra Barrett

    Sierra Barrett

     7 months ago +990

    She's a native speaker..why is she getting praised..?

  • Jacob Lautenschlager

    Jacob Lautenschlager

     7 months ago +638

    the number 4 girl is literally speaking English like it's nothing

  • Syarifah Saudah Al-Habsyi

    Syarifah Saudah Al-Habsyi

     7 months ago +440

    How the hell does RHYTHM become PIZZA HUT 😂

  • Anthony Chairez

    Anthony Chairez

     7 months ago +4690

    Girl: speaks perfect english
    The same girl: NANIIII???!!!!

  • DayvinDazone


     7 months ago +1190

    I don’t get it, why put a native speaker with the others and have her win? That’s so wrong on so many levels. It’s not like she went through some grueling effort to achieve great results, there’s no art to being born in a country and learning to speak the language.

  • Super Rhay

    Super Rhay

     7 months ago +640

    lol that girl pretend to be surprise but she knows that she will do well

  • RootsDaughter41926


     7 months ago +1087

    This is not fair as the words chosen have the letters L & R as the determining accent/pronunciation, both those letters are not accentuated in Japanese, and the one who kept winning obviously has learned English growing up in some respect.

  • Alisiana


     7 months ago +685

    Honestly this is absolutely unfair, the fourth girl knows English, and was probably raised in an English country, AN ENGLISH COUNTRY, meanwhile the other girls weren't, it was a losing battle from the start.

  • Debbie Speare

    Debbie Speare

     7 months ago +2187

    The fourth girl be flexin her American Birth Certificate on them loll

  • 。ナツキ


     7 months ago +283

    The forth girl is native and everyone knows that but why is she doing this?? There’s no point if she’s native

  • Scarlett Jane

    Scarlett Jane

     7 months ago +202

    There's always that one girl in your class that you know cheated, but acts all surprised when she gets the answer right...😂 Destiny's Child, tho!

  • Ellz Xxx

    Ellz Xxx

     7 months ago +65

    When your French teacher starts getting suspicious of your high grades so you have to pretend you know nothing before you can cheat again

  • OOF


     7 months ago +76

    Why she shocked I-