When Japanese Try To Speak English Like A Native

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  • Published on:  Thursday, November 15, 2018
  • Source: https://youtu.be/FOEwO58a_w8


  • Gm Visuals

    Gm Visuals

     an hour ago

    Gtfoh 😂😂😂 she was born here

  • Iroiro Japan

    Iroiro Japan

     2 hours ago

    When Japanese try to listen and speak English 😂

  • Gregorius T

    Gregorius T

     5 hours ago

    They should have one of the words be Japanese. Then we can watch the 4th girl flail.

  • Oleg GG

    Oleg GG

     5 hours ago

    Lol hja

  • Insignia


     16 hours ago

    3:59 LIGMA!

  • Globular


     21 hours ago


  • Aidan Hansen

    Aidan Hansen

     22 hours ago

    *W H Y M Y P P H A R D*

  • Jojo_is_a_MBB


     23 hours ago

    Why the fuck is her skirt so short? Also, this isn't fair, she knows English.

  • Kiseki Kisses

    Kiseki Kisses


    the english speaker is a bit rude ;_;
    i dont like the second game.. it's like pointing out their insecurities?
    weird game... getting bad vibes from this one

  • Steffanie Meikäfer

    Steffanie Meikäfer


    Since this looks a lot like a television program, the fourth girl was probably just an actress or at least hired in some way to play her part because she obviously is a native speaker and I also believe that the other girls knew that she was supposed to win...I don't think this was ever a real game just a funny, supposed to be real looking, sketch which makes the hate that the american girl receives kind of unfair seen that she just did what they asked her to do

  • Lewis Crochet

    Lewis Crochet


    When Americans Try to speak a foreign language like a native... 😌

  • Varonovichi Korsolakor

    Varonovichi Korsolakor


    que asco el yankeeglihs

  • Ben Marshall

    Ben Marshall

     2 days ago

    The fuck is this? There's no competition at all here

  • Artyom Galstyan

    Artyom Galstyan

     2 days ago

    This is obviously a set up

  • mochique


     2 days ago

    I got shook when the last girl said it so good I was just eating and then girl and I was like what the frick

  • Ethan


     2 days ago

    Cringe level is over the universe

  • Sijimol Manuel

    Sijimol Manuel

     2 days ago

    The last girl knows English i know it

  • Nancy Marroquin

    Nancy Marroquin

     2 days ago

    😂😂❣️ English not so hard but
    I could teach them English easy 👌💀

  • Not Defined

    Not Defined

     2 days ago

    omg this is so... umm... wait i don't wanna sound like a creep...