7 Sephiroth Facts You Probably Didn't Know

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 26, 2019
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    Sephiroth is an incredibly powerful villain within the realm of Final Fantasy VII (and the associated Compilation), but he's become so much more than that over the years due to numerous spin-off and cross-over appearances.

    Within this video, we're going to run-through some interesting facts that perhaps you don't know about Sephiroth, with some focussed on his creation (and his relationship with Aerith) and others relating to his hair!


    1. Sephiroth x Aerith
    2. Sephiroth Fan Club
    3. Sephiroth Final Battle (+Bizarro Sephiroth + Safer Sephiroth)
    4. Sephiroth x Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
    5. Sephiroth Kingdom Hearts 1, 2, Final Mix
    6. Sephiroth Advent Children


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  • li m

    li m

     5 hours ago


  • christopher corvino

    christopher corvino


    That brother sister backstory actually reminds me of 2 characters from Skies of Arcadia. Those who've played it you know who i'm talking about.

  • Alexis Pryde

    Alexis Pryde

     2 days ago

    you know i never met a group so incredibly hard up for a characters death as i see for ff7. i played the original the remaster and all those in between - in each inneration her death is a giant plot hole in a world with rez added to that her back story grants her special ability by way of healing and other magics taking the bare minimum into account even the story itself can be explained the same with or without her death - example: if she was rezed after attacked the threat posed doesnt deminish because sephiroth's aim is to wipe the whole of humanity at once and those who naturally die cant be raised so if he isnt stopped people will die and by event not attack making raise useless - base stand point her death creates more questions then answers tifa was stabbed more violently and lived for one - never in my life have i kept seeing the 1 thing in common a group keeps sayng is they want her to die ... its creepy ... i love ff7 but not the way you people do obviously = im not a death loving stab the girl needing crazy ... so i do hope for a remake one with player agency that allows saving her .

  • Fuego Flame

    Fuego Flame

     3 days ago +2

    Once the Sephiroth music comes on , you better watch out 🎶

  • Melon Baller

    Melon Baller

     3 days ago

    Aerith’s death just goes to show you something nobody ever expects, but everybody knows deep down inside. A fact that both shatters and restores our view of the world at the same time. That life and death are a proof to one ultimate and unmoving fact of life:

    Gloves are magical.

  • Anthony Simpson

    Anthony Simpson

     3 days ago +1

    She will forever be known as "Aeris" to me - idgaf what anyone says, that was her name in the OG multi-disc set that I owned :D <3

  • OXOTNHK aka D3ath Patr0l

    OXOTNHK aka D3ath Patr0l

     3 days ago +2

    I love advent children and literally just thinking of the moment sephiroth appears and just says "Hello,Cloud" gives me chills

  • Bounty hunter 678

    Bounty hunter 678

     5 days ago

    Who can’t wait for March 3rd? Which is the release date for FF7 remake

  • Cory Buckley

    Cory Buckley

     6 days ago

    I think the quote you have at 11:36 is supposed to be a different one. You use that same quote later in the video to talk about Advent Children.

  • Alvic Pasalo

    Alvic Pasalo

     6 days ago

    Gotta find that Sephiroth hair products Immediately!

  • NATsoHIGH !

    NATsoHIGH !

     7 days ago

    I wandered for years wether I was saying Sepiroth properly since I could only read it, and it wasn't said anywhere 😂🤣
    Same with most names in the FF series leading up to X

  • DonkeyBizle


     7 days ago

    @ 6:43 where is this in the game?

  • K'lia Jesal

    K'lia Jesal

     7 days ago +1

    Zack was a last-minute addition? I feel so validated right now. His introduction felt so completely out of nowhere, I always felt he was forced in at the last minute for some reason or another.

    Good job with this video!

  • Rick Rouse

    Rick Rouse

     7 days ago +1

    sephiroth is the epitome of lucifer. The fallen angel would be the most beautiful and strongest of God's creation and his pride was his downfall.

  • D


     7 days ago

    It’s prolly better that Aeris (ahem) didn’t end up being related. Though the way Zack is just thrown in through an optional FMV in the main game I always thought could have been done better. So lol Sephiroth is using the planet’s energy to power his hair. I just wonder how he learned to fly (before the “One Winged Angel” form)

  • red comn

    red comn

     7 days ago

    Ff7 is like korean drama

    The script is soo bad the writer need to asspull plot twist to make sense.

    Sheesh stop abusing amnesia just bc your convulated shit.

  • Zachary Taylor

    Zachary Taylor

     14 days ago +1

    19 minute video!? Can someone just make a list

  • Duck Soup

    Duck Soup

     14 days ago +1

    He's also terrified of moogles.

  • Duck Soup

    Duck Soup

     14 days ago

    KH1 Sephiroth being a righty was explained as him "going easy" on Sora, just like Cloud wrapping his sword up for the fight.
    The second game, he goes back to being a southpaw since Cloud was in the fight too.

  • iramalfni


     14 days ago

    fact #8, sephiroths name comes from the 10 sephirot's, which are also pronounced and often spelled sephiroth, they are the traits of godliness.