Poor Dog Tied To A Short Chain Forced To Stand On Back Legs On A Hot Day

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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 5, 2019
  • A picture of a dog that was stuck on a super short leash that caused it to have to stand on its hind legs has been infuriating animal lovers all over the world.
    The picture was taken in Teloloapan, Mexico.
    Animal lovers were enraged they spotted the picture that shows the dog being forced to stand on its hind legs.
    The extremely short chain rendered him completely helpless in the heat outside.
    The owners of the dog live in the neighborhood known as Emiliano Zapata, located in Teloloapan, Mexico.
    The picture was taken after a passerby stopped to beg the owners to surrender the poor canine.
    He saw the dog on the short chain and knew he had to do his best to get them to let him go.
    However, the owners chased the man from their property, insisting that the dog is “just fine.”
    Luckily, the man was able to take a couple of pictures before being chased off.
    He immediately posted them to various social media pages hoping to get some help for the poor animal.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/FXEMRZ8i28s




     14 days ago

    So what happened to the dog????

  • William Gosztolai

    William Gosztolai

     a months ago


  • sasha c

    sasha c

     a months ago +2

    It looks when the poor dogs legs let out so did his luck he would have been hung.
    So was the pup saved only half a story ?

  • Debbie Leads

    Debbie Leads

     a months ago +1

    What is "inspirational" about this? I'm unsubscribing right now!

  • Lisa Morse

    Lisa Morse

     a months ago +2

    Please keep us updated

  • Carolyn Rose

    Carolyn Rose

     a months ago +5

    Instead of taking a photo why didnt they just go undo the collar then call police

  • Oil Lease

    Oil Lease

     a months ago +1

    I was in Mexico 15 years ago
    . Nobody will do anything. I saw dogs and horses done this way.

    I saw no cats. Even ruminants of different types were on very short ropes, with not enough slack to graze a decent area.

    I saw a huge ox standing in the middle of the highway, must have weighed 2 tons and spanned the entire width. I suspect nobody could handle anything that size. He was beautiful and free, the only free animal I saw from Matamoras to Guatemala.

    Pit bulls,beautiful dogs, tied up to a tall stake, unable to move or lie down. Beautiful land, beautiful white Spaniard girls and everything else base and ugly.

    I'd be leaving for the US too. After a couple weeks I did just that.

  • linda vargo

    linda vargo

     a months ago

    who took this pic and did nothing??????????????   someone do something..or don't show us these horrid pics.....show us this dog was rescued.  and hang the asshole who did this

  • Jester Flight

    Jester Flight

     a months ago +3

    Cartels are mean

  • Green Trees Blue Skies

    Green Trees Blue Skies

     a months ago

    They make money on these pictures. Beware. Some would harm animals to get you to click on the utube site.

  • Marzia Tosi

    Marzia Tosi

     a months ago +4

    what abt this poor dog? Was he saved? And what abt his "owner"? Was he persecuted by law? What a terrible world for poor poor souls: there is suffering and tears for all stray animals!

  • Hell Hound45

    Hell Hound45

     a months ago +9

    WTH...No update on the poor fur pup....Come on you can't not let us know, what happened to the poor fur baby....How can you show a heartbreaking Video with no ending....This really sucks.....

  • Margaret Temple

    Margaret Temple

     a months ago +4

    What a waste of time this video was. We get no resolution or follow up to the initial story just a bunch of bs about how animals are treated cruelly. Be careful going to these sites as they are just trying to get clicks so as to make money from advertisers on U-tube...the whole thing might have been a setup to get the pix...

  • Naomi Rivera

    Naomi Rivera

     a months ago +6

    I’d beat whoever done that to the poor dog. Good to know the man tried to help the dog before taking the photo unlike many people.

  • Dani Duran

    Dani Duran

     a months ago +8

    If necessary; STEAL THIS DOG!! please send an update ,!!!!

  • Victoria Harris

    Victoria Harris

     a months ago


  • rohit jagariya

    rohit jagariya

     a months ago +4

    So sad 😢😢for dog

  • Helen Pernites

    Helen Pernites

     a months ago +5

    Ive seen this on fb hope someone took the dog to that heartless owner,and band her to get another animals.