Dance Moms-"PAIGE FILES A LAWSUIT AGAINST ABBY"(Season 5 Flashback)

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  • Published on:  Friday, January 4, 2019

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  • hollywoodclips22


     11 months ago +1681

    Hey everyone! People keep asking me about my social media, I only release it on my personal channel (because it doesn't have anything to do with dance moms) Anyone who wants to get to know me more can check me out here!

  • Surfing 4real

    Surfing 4real

     13 hours ago

    I feel for Abby

  • katelyn hinkley

    katelyn hinkley

     14 hours ago

    Paige is a stupid little girl. she deserves everything nasty she gets

  • LibbyJoKendrick


     16 hours ago

    I mean to be honest, Abby threw a chair at Paige, made fun of Chloe’s eye, she made it clear that she favoured Maddie and was rude to, Brooke, Nia and Kendall. So Paige had a right to file a lawsuit against Abby. All the other girls do as well. I would probably do the same so I’m on Paige’s side.

  • Rene Lopez Miranda

    Rene Lopez Miranda


    Guys you should stop saying stuff of abby. Anyways i thought that Team was like good and all but its not and its The MOTHERS

  • Pink unicorn

    Pink unicorn


    I feel bad for Abby but she needs to remember she is strong and amazing and has an amazing,large Abby Lee army and I participate in that army
    Like if u do:

  • The Emma and Mila Show!

    The Emma and Mila Show!


    Chloe is my #1 awww

  • El mundo de Faby y Fer

    El mundo de Faby y Fer

     2 days ago

    Is Kira Asia’s mom????

  • Holz vlogs Videos

    Holz vlogs Videos

     2 days ago

    Paige was lucky to have Abby, growing up with somebody that gives you discipline is a given. Some people just don’t see it that way and obviously Paige doesn’t.

  • YoshiTrainer DC

    YoshiTrainer DC

     2 days ago

    God lmao they really had to get Abby on stage just to stand against Paige’s lawsuit

  • Kawaii Girly_gamer

    Kawaii Girly_gamer

     3 days ago

    I’m just glad that Jill never use social media to hurt people.

  • Bernardita Amoroso

    Bernardita Amoroso

     3 days ago

    Everyone has been saying bad things about abby. I know she did a lot of bad stuff to that kids but that’s not a reason for cyber bullying. THERE’S NEVER A REASON FOR CYBER BULLYING, BULLYING

  • Kawaii Gacha WolfieLegendary

    Kawaii Gacha WolfieLegendary

     4 days ago

    Yeahhhhh ok I mean your a good teacher but now your mouth

  • Kiki .C

    Kiki .C

     4 days ago

    Abby Put a VERY VERY Great message out there! If u have a dream and you believe that u can do it don't quit like do it!!

  • rachel Segovis

    rachel Segovis

     5 days ago +1

    Paige did not need to sew abby, at least chloe and brooke aren't, paige, why did she sew her

  • Pøtátø Kiwi

    Pøtátø Kiwi

     7 days ago

    Is no one going to talk about Kalani with a beard on?

  • GvJ


     7 days ago


  • Lisa de Vries

    Lisa de Vries

     7 days ago

    I didn't even know kids could sue.

  • Raddi


     7 days ago +1

    I feel like Holly doesn't need that much makeup

  • Erin Manzolli

    Erin Manzolli

     7 days ago +1

    “I feel for Abby at this moment, I know she is going through a lot, but to be honest with you, if she starts to break down...”

    Cuts to Kalani is a hilarious looking beard