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  • Published on:  Saturday, November 13, 2021
  • CLIMATE CHANGE | Education | Management | Business | GO Eden

    Hi Friends! 🌲

    Our climate is changing. In this video, GO Eden dive into the science behind human accelerated climate change, how it is affecting our planet, why we need to act on this issue, and how you as an individual can contribute to the solution.

    Climate change is happening now, and we all know we aren't doing enough to stop it. We're going backward. The United Nations says carbon dioxide levels in our atmosphere are going up, and the earth is on track to warm by 3.2 degrees before the century is over. The consequences of that acceleration are already proving disastrous for communities around the world.

    Climate change is a real and serious issue. From rapidly melting glaciers and massive wildfires to deforestation and severe drought, our world is becoming more out of balance every day.

    These are the hard facts about global warming – a defining issue of our time. Global Warming is an event or occurrence that changes gradually world climate from its present state to a warmer or hotter temperature. Such condition usually happens when the clouds/ozone layers that protect the earth from solar radiation or ultra-violet rays become penetrable. If not checked, global warming will spell disaster to our environment and the future of our children.

    This is a short video raising awareness about climate change and global warming and their effects and influence on our mother earth.

    GO Eden hopes to make you feel better each day and to inspire you to be your best. 🌾 🍒 🌼


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