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  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 23, 2019
  • Car insurance expert Dan Hutson explains what a car warranty is and how it works.

    A car warranty is a guarantee by a car manufacturer that they’ll fix a named mechanical failure, or faulty paintwork, during a set period of cover. Today, there are ever-more complex electronic systems that regulate a car’s engine, along with added features that make travelling more comfortable. These items can be costly to fix, so whether you’re buying a new or used car you could save by having a car warranty in place.

    What does a car warranty cover?

    Most car warranties will cover your car’s gearbox, transmission, engine, suspension and ignition systems. Be sure to check whether certain parts of your car have a limited period of cover or a claim limit (the most a provider will pay if you need to make a claim). One car warranty might only guarantee the cost of replacement parts; another could cover the parts, along with labour costs.

    How long is a car warranty valid for?

    A new car typically comes with a warranty that’s valid for three years or 60,000 miles, depending on whichever comes first. An extended warranty might give you coverage beyond those time or mileage limits. Second hand car warranties vary – dealers usually offer anything from three- to 12-month cover on used vehicles.

    Check for conditions and exclusions on car warranties

    Most car warranties will be sold with certain stipulations, for example that you’ll need to take reasonable care of your vehicle. You could invalidate a warranty if you don’t get your car serviced regularly. Plus, you might need to use garages that have been approved by the dealership where you bought your car for repairs and servicing.

    Make sure you check for any exclusions on a car warranty. General wear and tear (broken windscreen wipers, worn brakes or tyres) isn’t typically covered. Other exclusions could include your car’s air-con system and radio. Always read any car warranty policy with care, because warranties do vary according to the manufacturer or provider.

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