Fast Drawing of the Faces in the Style of Caricatures.

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  • Published on:  Friday, October 21, 2016
  • One good video about the fast drawing. This free video was created for you by and can be re-used for free, under the creative commons license, with the attribution of as the original creator of this video about the fast drawing.

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    People and art have been connected since the start of humanity. The art is helping us to expand our ability to understand the world and to create new ideas. The art is not about logic. The art is about the experiments and little efforts that people put into their art. The reality is often limited. The world of art has no limits. When the people can create art, they can improve their ability to see the world from a different perspective. Some people are better at this form of thinking.

    The drawing can help the people to expand the personal limits of imagination and creativity. The drawing of faces is a very special and emotional subject in the space of art. The faces can create emotions. Very often the artist is drawing the faces of other people, because this can help the artist to communicate her own perception of reality. In this wonderful video we can see how a professional artist is drawing the portrait with charcoal and pencils. The fast drawing of portraits is a difficult skill that people like to learn.

    The drawing of faces can be complicated, when the drawing has to be an exact copy of the reality. The drawing of caricatures, cartoons and the funny faces can be very easy. It is possible to develop a special style of drawing that can be repeated in every drawing. The professional artists do develop their own style. They practice the style of their art for many hours. Then the act of drawing can become very simple and the hands just repeat the same strokes in every drawing.

    We fall in love with the people who have special abilities. We respect the people who can draw very well and we admire the people who are famous for their art. The drawing is often without any special logic. We are drawing for the pleasure or for the entertainment. The human mind can find a great source of entertainment in the drawing of the faces. This emotional connection of the people to the faces of other people is a sign of personal requirement for respect and recognition. We often want to be good as something. Some people do select to become good at drawing. Being good at something is often not the only thing we want. We want that the other people say to us that we are good. This emotion is connected to the ego of the people. Some of us have more ego than other. The drawing of the faces can show the inner personality of the artist. The humble people will draw faces that are more beautiful than reality. The egoistic people will draw ugly faces, that are not as good as the reality, because they want to feel better than other people.

    The art can create emotions. It is important to respect the people, their faces and the subject of the drawing. It is important to remain professional and to follow the style of the drawing. Each drawing is like a message that can create an emotion in other people. It is important to remain positive and to create art that will create positive emotions. The people buy the art that makes them happy. An artist can gain more respect, if the art is helping other people to be happy. The most easy way to make other people happy, if when an artist can draw their face more beautiful or very funny.

    Respect of the clients is very important for the process of the drawing. It is much more easy to create a good drawing, if you pay respect to your own time and effort that you put into the drawing. Everybody has a different level of talent. Some people put a lot of effort into their art, but they have no results, because their limit their creativity. Other people can draw a very beautiful face in 20 minutes, because they set no limits and they are not afraid to make mistakes. The best artist learn how to use the power of freedom and the soft flow of the hand. The strict hand is very difficult to move, during the process of the drawing. The soft and relaxed hand is much more better for the act of drawing. It is very important to practice yoga and stretching before the drawing. The physical activity can increase the supply of oxygen to the brain and to help the hands to become more relaxed. The hands begin to draw very beautiful patterns and shapes, when the boy is flexible and happy after the yoga. The improved connection of the body and the mind help us to create better drawings of the faces. We can be very happy that the art and the drawing is part of the human experience.

    Thank you for supporting the creative commons movement !!
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