Flirting & My Stories

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  • Published on:  Friday, November 25, 2016
  • i stalled making this video for 10 months because i'm embarrassed to tell these stories but whatever i'm over it here ya go
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  • Jaiden Animations

    Jaiden Animations

     3 years ago +102166

    i already know what you guys are gonna say and no, none of these stories are about james so you can take off your detective hats thankyaverymuch

  • animenerd LOL46

    animenerd LOL46

     an hour ago

    One of my friends( I don’t consider her a friend anymore because she decided to form my first toxic friendship) liked this boy in my class. So she started to kind of obsess over him. She said that she hates him now because he stopped talking to her on social media.

  • Jexel Gaming928

    Jexel Gaming928

     an hour ago

    When somebody tries to flirt with me


  • H Arz

    H Arz

     2 hours ago

    The reason why people would prefer to stop associating with someone they had feelings for is most likely a defence mechanism to protect oneself, imagine the girl you love but doesn't feel the same way shows up with a boyfriend at her side, that shut can make a man suicidal depressive. And even if it doesn't it also increases the likely hood of that person to reject others they might have had feelings for because they still aren't over their love with that person because it keeps getting solidified every time you spent time together and see once more why that person is perfect for you. Staying with someone that doesn't share the same feelings for you just turns ugly more often then not so it's safer to go separate ways.

  • KayKay


     4 hours ago

    Jaiden: I don't understand people who stop talking to someone just because they don't share mutual feelings with them.
    Me: hits the like button ferociously

  • Dragon Girl

    Dragon Girl

     6 hours ago

    And I text people back as soon as possible lol

  • Winda Florentine Palafox

    Winda Florentine Palafox

     6 hours ago

    an ex-friend

  • Joseph Peck

    Joseph Peck

     7 hours ago


  • Forrester Toh

    Forrester Toh

     7 hours ago


  • Reilly Chamberlain

    Reilly Chamberlain

     8 hours ago

    Great Trumpet... sounds

  • Captain Infinite

    Captain Infinite

     8 hours ago

    Why do i feel heart broken though..

  • Ranger X-tream

    Ranger X-tream

     9 hours ago

    JAIDEN, I am an Asian too. he he eeeehhhh.

  • Nat Entertainment

    Nat Entertainment

     9 hours ago

    Ill tell james to talk to you about this

  • kitby11


     10 hours ago

    So sad you are the kind of girl who puts guys in the friendzone, still I like your videos

  • River Meury

    River Meury

     11 hours ago

    Question is their a B Moutain?

  • Nathan Maly

    Nathan Maly

     11 hours ago

    Hahaha "hes gay" hahaha that got me.

  • live noah15

    live noah15

     12 hours ago

    I went on Google maps and saw A mountain I laughed when I saw it

  • Vira Physic

    Vira Physic

     13 hours ago


  • Just A Guy

    Just A Guy

     14 hours ago

    4:05 You accidentally slipped into those direct messages.

  • Stardust Fury

    Stardust Fury

     15 hours ago

    I do kinda ship

    Jaiden Animations X TheOdd1sOut

    Please don't hate me