Alton Brown reviews Amazon's dumbest kitchen gadgets

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  • Published on:  Thursday, December 10, 2015
  • Celebrity chef and Thyme Lord Alton Brown is no fan of "unitaskers" -- kitchen gadgets with only one purpose. But maybe these Amazon offerings aren't so bad.


    ★ Strawberry Slicer:
    ★ Nonstick Edge Brownie Pan:
    ★ Meat Shredding Claws:
    ★ The Veggetti:
    ★ Breakfast Sandwich Maker:
    ★ The Rollie Egg Cooker:


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    Written by Alton Brown and Allison Keves
    Developed by Monica Riese, Evan Weiss, Jessica Wakeman and Allison Keves
    Filmed by Diana Ecker
    Produced by Allison Keves
    Edited and directed by Matt Silverman
    Executive producer: Josh Rubin


    "Do Do Do" by Silent Partner

    Let's Do It by Topher Mohr and Alex Elena

    "Girl from Ipanema," recording by Planner Music Event:


    Cooking With Jack Show:

    Stephanie Manley:

    Chop Busters:


    Source: Chicagojunkhauler:

    Cave Tools:
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  • NevyFreak


     10 hours ago

    I love this man



     17 hours ago

    Claws for shredding pork shoulder are great.

  • Icarus 360

    Icarus 360

     18 hours ago


  • jjaniero



    omg, the egg producer is priceless, alton you are too good for this world

  • WildWing 1955

    WildWing 1955


    Forget this crap, try doing a good food network, the way it used to be.

  • test



    I don't know how anyone find you funny.
    Could you at least show the products in use?
    This video is really bad

  • thomasthemtman


     2 days ago

    I learned nothing because you didn’t actually try every product... only one

    Way to fail

  • Julie K

    Julie K

     3 days ago

    Never thought I'd see an egg chubby!

  • Robert Lawrence

    Robert Lawrence

     3 days ago

    I have something similar to the wolverine claws, only instead of plastic mine are stainless steel with wooden handles. Unnecessary, probably, but they are way easier to tear pulled pork or chicken than using a fork. I use them to hold the turkey or ham when carving and I've even moved a roast to a serving tray. So, add that to the awesome wolverine factor and I'm happy to have them in my kitchen, or at the very least in the tool tray of my smoker.

  • The Pros

    The Pros

     3 days ago

    whats the classical piece on the vegetable pasta thing? I m going insane

  • MrHanky35


     3 days ago

    the bear claw / meat shredders are actually amazing. saying a fork could do it is fine, well you can also walk 3 hours to work every morning instead of buying a car. the shredders make it much easier, for larger meats (butts) or just shredding a lot of meat. They are also great for getting large hot food off the smoker, or getting a smoked chicken off a fat boiling can of beer.

  • Max Banono

    Max Banono

     4 days ago

    what a lazy video

  • Eric


     5 days ago

    this is an awesome video lul

  • Allbbrz


     6 days ago

    That egg(s) on the rollie... needs some extra Viagra to perform.....

  • s andy

    s andy

     6 days ago +1

    i happen to like the original hamilton beach sandwich maker. you are funny to watch!

  • Oriol Borràs

    Oriol Borràs

     6 days ago

    4:53 : Where are the Yolks ?

  • tj 1911

    tj 1911

     7 days ago

    They are SOLD on Amazon. Amazon doesn't make them. Get it straight

  • Engrish Muffin

    Engrish Muffin

     7 days ago +1

    ”that means a bad thing”

  • cboetigphone


     7 days ago

    The bear claws are for lifting a 10 lb plus brisket or 10pork shoulder or turkey off of the smoker not for pulling. They are cheap and do a great job at lifting.

  • Adriana Marie Diaz

    Adriana Marie Diaz

     7 days ago

    What is the Rollie and what is the point...??? And as always, I fucking LOVE Alton Brown!!