Warbringers: Jaina

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 23, 2018
  • Jaina Proudmoore is no stranger to making difficult decisions. In this animated short, the choices of her past continue to influence her future. Credits: Directed by Doug Gregory Art and Illustration by Laurel Austin, Vasili Zorin, Jonathan Fletcher, and Yewon ParkWritten by Robert Brooks Pre-purchase World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth to take your stand:https://shop.battle.net/product/world...http://WorldofWarcraft.comSubscribe!http://www.youtube.com/subscription_c...
  • Source: https://youtu.be/Fo7XPvwRgG8


  • Alexander Rose

    Alexander Rose

     a years ago +5194


  • Sang Nguyen

    Sang Nguyen

     7 months ago +2387

    Long story short: Jaina had to choose between war and her father's death. She chose her father's death. Then she still had war.

  • Darkzz Lord

    Darkzz Lord

     10 months ago +961

    Never thought that the Rexxar campaign back in Frozen Throne would influence things as far as now.

  • Gastão Esteves Design

    Gastão Esteves Design

     3 months ago +435

    Hey, Game of Thrones's showrunners. Learn here how you should have worked Daenerys.

  • Jamie Brookes

    Jamie Brookes

     11 months ago +3908

    Jaina: My father died for no reason, all of my peacekeeping efforts have been in vain, my city got killed along with my people and I am responsible. I now have to face my people and lead them.
    Sylvanas: Arthas turned me into a banshee and I didn't get to kill him so everyone must die.

  • TheMostSlyFox


     a years ago +1932

    Admiral Proudmoore: "You have always been naive, my daughter. You aren't old enough to remember what these monsters did to our homeland. The orcs and their kin cannot be trusted. They must be exterminated like the mongrels they are!"
    Jaina: "I won't let you do it, father. You don't understand!"
    Admiral Proudmoore: "I understand more than you suspect, my dear. Perhaps in time, you will too."
    A storyline 15 years in the making.

  • Theriomancer


     10 months ago +1415

    Unlike Sylvanas this how you do morally grey right! We know that the Horde doesn't deserve to die for simply wanting to survive, but at the same time Jaina's efforts and sacrifices for peace have been proved for nothing. So now she is filled with torment over her decisions, over what she has done and what she has still yet to do.

  • Talis Keath

    Talis Keath

     5 months ago +49

    A lot of people do not fully understand the tragedy that is Jaina’s entire life. She lost her love to the powers of the Lich king and become the very embodiment of evil, she lost Dalaran as it was destroyed by Archimonde, her mentor was killed by Arthas, she left her home and life behind to travel to Kalimdor, fought off the burning legion, had to watch her father be killed in the name of peace, years later have to face off against her love after trying to find a way to redeem him, having to kill him, then watching as the Horde she fought to have peace with destroy her kingdom, return back to Kul Tiras branded a traitor, and watch her dead brother be reanimated into undeath. My heart HURTS for her.

  • darklord4878


     3 months ago +375

    "Beware... beware... of me." always sends chills down my spine!

  • morfin22


     11 months ago +808

    Every single time I watch this, it reminds me of Pippin singing "Edge of Night" while lord Denethor eats.

  • Nobbel87


     a years ago +5736

    Can't stop watching this on repeat, man catchy tune!

  • Kage Oni

    Kage Oni

     10 months ago +652

    "Beware, beware the Daughter of the Sea."
    "Beware," I heard him cry.
    His words carried upon the ocean breeze,
    As he sank beneath the tide.
    Those blood-soaked shores of Kalimdor,
    Where sailors fought and died.
    The Admiral fell at Theramore,
    because she left his side.
    Why this? Why this, oh Daughter of the Sea?
    Why this? Did you forget your seaside days?
    Always the pride of our nation's eyes,
    How could she go astray?
    When she did flee across the ocean deep,
    the Admiral followed west.
    What else but sail to save a daughter's life,
    and pray she still drew breath?
    But there he found upon those distant shores,
    Enemies 'pon the rise!
    But when he faced those savage foes
    His daughter stood aside.
    And buried deep beneath the waves,
    Betrayed by family.
    To his nation, with his last breath, cried,
    "Beware the Daughter of the Sea."

  • Safiras Art

    Safiras Art

     9 months ago +423

    Laura Bailey is a Queen!

  • Cainsgames


     4 months ago +304

    Jaina became one of the best done characters along with Arthas and Illidan. Great job Blizzard.

  • WalkerOfTheWastes


     6 months ago +210

    As much as I loathe BFA and what Blizzard have become, I really can't fault their art or music departments.
    Shame Activision has stuck its cancerous tentacles into the company I grew up with and loved.

  • OverEnglishMan


     a years ago +2344

    If Jaina does go off rails. All we'd ask is she not be under anyone's control, she's earned that.
    Someone with no whispers, no monsters in the dark. Just a living consequence of trying for peace and happy endings, being met so many times with pain, loss, and good works undone. Challenge players' minds as to "If this parade of pressure had happened to you. What would you have done?" rather than power of friendship to beat mean ol' brain tentacles, before dying to clear decks for the next threat.
    Jaina seems to be wandering closer and closer to going full John Wick

  • Sean Quilty

    Sean Quilty

     11 months ago +980

    The Sylvanas short feels like someone throwing a tantrum. The Azshara short is very much about reaching for power. The emotion of regret, the pain in this one.... the other two do not compare.

  • Michael Uszleit

    Michael Uszleit

     9 months ago +148

    its so sad that the lore and storytelling of blizzard is so much better than the actual gameplay.

  • JarJar Stinks

    JarJar Stinks

     3 months ago +159

    10 months later and this is still the best thing to come from BFA expac

  • Lisa J

    Lisa J

     11 months ago +425

    It's official, we need Warcraft the musical!