WEB EXCLUSIVE: The Big Relationship Decision That Involves Instagram

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  • Published on:  Saturday, June 8, 2019
  • Want more? We've got you covered with this brand new Girl Chat web exclusive! Tell us below if you’ve tagged your bae on Instagram to make it official.
  • Source: https://youtu.be/FpV_Vk97DNY


  • Rahim Almawri

    Rahim Almawri

     21 days ago

    Adrienne tongue is unattractive. She's always trying to copy jeannie and tam

  • Maer A

    Maer A

     2 months ago

    3:00 - No Jeannie, that's not what we say in the Bay. 😒

  • Baylei Jo

    Baylei Jo

     3 months ago

    I tagged my boyfriend in my bio, but we have been together for four years.

  • Nouran


     3 months ago

    i've never been in a relationship but my fav girl chats are the relationship ones

  • Maer A

    Maer A

     3 months ago

    No Jeannie, that's not what we say here in the Bay.

  • whaddup dude

    whaddup dude

     3 months ago

    This HAS been around for a while. We used to do this on MySpace haha.

  • Delia C.

    Delia C.

     3 months ago

    I’ve never heard wanna go around- I’ve always heard do you want to go out or do you want to be my girlfriend

  • unknown unknown

    unknown unknown

     3 months ago

    Oh my God, grow up. Who cares! If you want to put status and if you don't, don't. This is too much! Social media is not real life! Be together in real life.

  • Miranda


     3 months ago

    nah i feel like that’s so junior high/ high school. kinda cheesy

  • Alma Garcia

    Alma Garcia

     3 months ago

    Go around, brought me back to school times and thats what we would say in south Texas, the valley.

  • Richelle Woodley

    Richelle Woodley

     4 months ago

    Adrienne asks annoying questions! She acts like she doesn't understand anything Jeannie says because they have different ways of saying things. She did the same thing when Jeannie talked about pulling donuts in the car..it's odd that's all

  • Heidi Flyest

    Heidi Flyest

     6 months ago

    will you go out with me? is what we would say... lol @ go around

  • Cheyanne Autumn

    Cheyanne Autumn

     6 months ago

    I have 10/31/2014 in my bio because that is the date my bf and I started dating. I think it is super sweet and cute. I also wear his hoodies and wore his jersey in high school letting yall uglies know he's mine

  • Bailey


     6 months ago

    I love Jeannie

  • Shayna Dorsey

    Shayna Dorsey

     6 months ago

    Oh I’m like Tam I can’t wait to change my status on Facebook but I’m proud of who my new guy is!
    I’d do a bf and my husband when I get married one day!
    My guy said he wants to ask me in person to make it official and I think that’s so romantic 🥰💕

  • Kate E

    Kate E

     6 months ago

    loni looks so good with this hair

  • Roman Reyna

    Roman Reyna

     6 months ago

    Completely off topic but I love Jeannie’s look! The hair the blazer everything 😍

  • Nour Sami

    Nour Sami

     6 months ago

    y i feel adrean dont like jenny ????

  • Rebecca H.

    Rebecca H.

     6 months ago

    Jeannie lyin...I'm from the bay...We do NOT say do you wanna go around? LMAO! My husband is from SJ like her and even he said...naw we never said that.

  • Genesis Martinez

    Genesis Martinez

     6 months ago

    Well Adrienne not everyone wants to get married so.. Also this idea of "claiming" someone is toxic as hell