Dave Chappelle Two Weeks After Sticks & Stones

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 10, 2019
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    Dave Chappelle On Broadway | Secret Special | Trans jokes | Donald Trump | The Punchline

    I knew something was up when I heard that rotten tomato gave sticks and stones bad ratings. Dave Chappell is way too talented.

    Two Weeks After Sticks & Stones Was Filmed in Atlanta, Dave Chappelle Mode his debut on the Broadway Stage.

    Capitol Hill weighs in on allegations against former Vice President Joe Biden


    Joe Biden can't keep his hands off of Senators' children at the swearing in ceremony.


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  • Source: https://youtu.be/Ft6UyIzuv1A


  • D Hamp

    D Hamp

     53 minutes ago

    This is some slick pro Republican BS

  • Mike Merc

    Mike Merc

     an hour ago

    Yo that footage of joe is creepy AF.

  • Dom. Allele

    Dom. Allele

     an hour ago

    Chappelle isn't talking about what your talking about. He doesn't support the bigoted views of Right wingers like you so you, and that pos Rogan, can keep trying to use him as cover in the hope you fool a few more low iq dumb asses out there.

  • J.H.P Music

    J.H.P Music

     2 hours ago

    6:45 "this is how i feeel insiiiiie" 😅🤣😭

  • Haltlose Gainz

    Haltlose Gainz

     2 hours ago

    3:10 dave chappelle doing a perfect norm macdonald impression on accident

  • tranche2pain


     2 hours ago

    AAahhh omg, Joe Biden, what the fuck ??!!

  • tranche2pain


     2 hours ago

    Wait, did i misheard or did he call transgenders, "Transformers" ? LMAOOOOOOOO.

  • Atomic Pressure

    Atomic Pressure

     2 hours ago

    This is the most stupidest looking video I ever seen somebody tried to do a good job on

  • BettyAnn Smith

    BettyAnn Smith

     2 hours ago

    Dave Chappelle ROCKS! He is THE king of comedy hands down!!! 👑🙌☝️

  • Janjua __

    Janjua __

     3 hours ago

    Keep smashing it Dave

    Fuck these hypocritical snowflakes

  • Western Adventures

    Western Adventures

     3 hours ago

    that shit "sticks and stones " aint shit compared to anything being said in the early 90s. Proof the new age is super sensitive

  • Jzeaser


     4 hours ago

    So many Russian bots in this comment section luring about Biden or just fucken trumptard morons

  • Better health /Better lifestyle

    Better health /Better lifestyle

     6 hours ago

    Ahaha Dave is the life 🤩

  • Alok Hota

    Alok Hota

     6 hours ago

    If Liberals/Progressive/Leftists don't like it, means I have to watch it asap. Liberal hate is a guarantee, a mark of authenticity and quality.

  • Aurora Arrow

    Aurora Arrow

     8 hours ago

    Bad times create strong men
    Strong men create good times
    Good times create weak men
    Weak men create bad times. It's a cycle ladies and gentlemen

  • milchuck


     9 hours ago

    Chappelle is funny as fuck...and Sticks and Stones is probably his best special yet.

  • Rosewood Legacy

    Rosewood Legacy

     11 hours ago

    I hate Donald fuckin’ Trump but he is getting MY vote.

  • eyescreamcake


     12 hours ago

    Video started out good but then it became a yakety yak juvenile Trump campaign ad?

  • Warren Moore

    Warren Moore

     12 hours ago

    Joe Biden is an idiot along with the rest of left....#BLACKS4TRUMP

  • Simphiwe Ndlangamandla

    Simphiwe Ndlangamandla

     13 hours ago

    Joe Biden is one touchy old man.