How To Stop A Car SMOOTHLY-Driving Lesson

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  • Published on:  Thursday, May 5, 2016
  • In this video, I show you how to stop a car smoothly. It is a driving lesson that is geared towards people that are learning to drive. Stopping a car smoothly, and avoiding the jolt feeling at the end of the stop, is all about properly estimating the amount of pressure that you have to put on the brake pedal. The key factor is being able to push down on the brake pedal with the same amount of pressure throughout the duration of the stop, and the key to doing that is proper estimation.

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  • Mads Sune Hanelius

    Mads Sune Hanelius

     4 months ago

    You forgot to tell about letting your foot entirely off the brake pedal just before coming to a stop for a smooth stop. Not sure if it works like that in an automatic transmission car though.

  • Mads Sune Hanelius

    Mads Sune Hanelius

     4 months ago

    Where's the clutch pedal?

  • Michael Cowie

    Michael Cowie

     5 months ago

    finally someone drive just like me๐Ÿšฆ๐Ÿ›ฃ๏ธ๐Ÿš—

  • edward carmona

    edward carmona

     6 months ago

    Is there a problem bcoz everytime i push the break when driving i move forward or shake?

  • pAcA[A]


     6 months ago +1

    My tip for beaking smoothly, break and when u are about to stop, just release break and break slowly after that.... You will stop 100% smoothly

  • Bismah


     9 months ago +19

    The thumbnail of this video felt like I was getting told off

  • izwabbit


     9 months ago +7

    My dad brakes too late/too hard and thats why it feels like we hit something FFS. he also does this pump style braking that makes us look like we're jamming to the music.



     9 months ago

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  • TheLondonCyclist


     11 months ago +1

    I did EXACTLY what you said at the beginning. Soft, soft, then slammed the fker loool. The instructor got angry. Must have done it 5 times.

  • Saurabh Kumar

    Saurabh Kumar

     11 months ago

    Sorry for putting up a stupid question. When I am braking, when actually I need to press the clutch. Thanks in advance.

  • Robert Martinez

    Robert Martinez

     a years ago

    Change the intro please, I find the info you present very useful but I almost always want to abort watching as soon as I hear "HEY EVERybODY". In my opinion.

  • Harish patel

    Harish patel

     a years ago +1


  • Heriberto Mendoza

    Heriberto Mendoza

     a years ago

    Thanks For this Tip...My Auto School did not explain this to me..This was 30 years ago...LOL!

  • Patches True

    Patches True

     a years ago +1

    Thanks for your help

  • muhammad40000


     a years ago

    No wonder Americans pass more, most of ur cars are automatic

  • Widlande Reina

    Widlande Reina

     a years ago +3

    hey everybodyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Natnael Biyazen

    Natnael Biyazen

     a years ago


  • Swagger Tiger

    Swagger Tiger

     a years ago

    Lmfao slam the brake pedal more like destroy the brake pedal

  • Amjed Hussain

    Amjed Hussain

     a years ago

    ู…ุฑุญุจุง ู‡ู„ ุงู†ุช ู…ุบุฑุจูŠ ุงูˆ ู…ุตุฑูŠ. ู‡ู„ุง ุจูŠูƒ. ุงู„ุงู†ูƒู„ูŠุฒูŠุฉ ุจุชุงุนูƒ ู…ูู‡ูˆู…ุฉ ูˆ ุญู„ูˆุฉ ู…ุง ุดุงุก ุงู„ู„ู‡. ู‡ู„ ุณุงูƒู† ููŠ ุฃูˆู†ุชุงุฑูŠูˆ . ุดูƒุฑุง ู„ู†ุง ุงู…ุฌุฏ

  • TommyT


     a years ago +7

    Nice video DIY . . . I'll add one other nuance to improve the 'braking to stop' comfort even 1 peg more. The 'cherry on [s]top' so to speak. Which is...everything exactly as you aptly demonstrated, however at the 'very last moment' of the 'stop' (let's say the last foot or so when coming to a red light) ... in that very last bit of forward travel, you in fact ease up (i.e. lessen) the brake pedal pressure just a titch...the vehicle will still stop in all but exactly the same spot (give or take maybe 2-3") but the stop will literally be imperceptible. You won't feel it.

    So, steady well-anticipated braking pressure as you described (and by the way, about 98% of driving skill involves anticipation skills which sadly a lot of people lack) . . . and then in those last few inches of forward travel, ease up/off brake pedal pressure to a pedal position that's just a teeny peench more pressure than, if your car is stopped it start moving forward while idling ... this is the 'sweet spot' and it takes just a little bit of practice to learn/find. Stated another way - lighten (release) pressure on brake pedal, in the last foot or 2 of anticipated stop point, until a pedal position where your car is just barely kept from moving forward whilst stopped and idling (which is a pedal position almost always far less than where most drivers have it when fully stopped and idling). But read this twice folks, go try it and you'll instantly know what I mean.

    No one will ever feel your car 'stop' again. WARNING if you learn/do this stop method, whenever you are in a car/bus etc as a passenger and the driver doesn't know how to do this ... it will drive you berzonkers trust me! :)