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  • Published on:  Saturday, June 22, 2019
    SNAPCHAT - @sarahhhrae

    The VLOGas Family 
    2758 US Highway 34
    STE B 147
    Oswego, IL 60543

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  • Angel Plants Store & App

    Angel Plants Store & App

     21 days ago

    sarah very beautifull

  • Jacob Torres

    Jacob Torres

     1 months ago

    What’s the new camera you got I remember you mentioned it but I can’t find it..

  • Alexia Salazar-Biagini

    Alexia Salazar-Biagini

     2 months ago

    Sarah! I love your videos and have been binging your vlogs all weekend. I have a Birkenstock hook up if you want to try a pair for free. I didn’t start wearing them until recently and they are the most comfortable footwear I’ve ever tried- but you do have to break them in. Let me know!

  • Brianna Crisel

    Brianna Crisel

     2 months ago

    ugh i love eamon and bec

  • victoria tweetybirdgirl

    victoria tweetybirdgirl

     2 months ago

    I always forget to press the gas button

  • Kimberly Simpson

    Kimberly Simpson

     4 months ago

    I love the play list!

  • Grace Draper

    Grace Draper

     4 months ago

    The fact that you watch Eamon and Bec makes me so happy! Their videos make me so happy! They are definitely very ascetically pleasing!

  • Illy Hz

    Illy Hz

     4 months ago

    This playlist brought tears to my eyes. I made a list of over 100 songs for my dad’s funeral most of them were Motown and I swear, you hit all of them in this small clip of you singing. I couldn’t help but laugh at your silly singing, but also tear up remembering him. Thank for this! ❤️❤️❤️ love watching you!

  • Amira Adeleke

    Amira Adeleke

     4 months ago

    Gas is expensive

  • Kymala Banner Smith

    Kymala Banner Smith

     4 months ago

    The playlist is not linked 🤦🏾‍♀️🥺



     5 months ago

    hi hope you are having a great day,i was wondering if you could tell me the playlist you were playing during this video

  • Jenny Cavanagh

    Jenny Cavanagh

     5 months ago

    Yes breks are so worth the money hunny

  • Courtney Crotzer

    Courtney Crotzer

     5 months ago

    The little crop tee that says it was all a dream, I have that too lol just thought that was random

  • MamaBear


     5 months ago

    What shade was that foundation stick?? We're the same skin tone and I wanna try it! Thanks girl!

  • Alesson Luna

    Alesson Luna

     5 months ago


  • Chelsey Strothcamp

    Chelsey Strothcamp

     5 months ago

    28:08 I died laughing!!! Haha "what's it called?"🤣🤣🤣

  • kim kabinoff

    kim kabinoff

     5 months ago


  • Lilly Sparks

    Lilly Sparks

     5 months ago

    Is anyone actually jealous about how gorgeous she is??

  • hdezines


     6 months ago

    Yes, it's worth getting the real birkenstock sandals. I bought suede ones 2 summers ago and it's my favorite pair of shoes. I literally wead socks with them I love them so much. They feel so good! And they don't take too long to wear in. I don't really remember that ton much honestly. Maybe a week of consistent wear. I love them so much my husband just said to me the other day, "babe, you need some more of those?" I have one pair and I wear them all the time. But you do need to purchase the cork sealer with them and I messed up and forgot to put it on after the first time for awhile and messed the cork up a but [little chunk] came out :( but I consistently put the cork sealer on now. I highly recommend them!

  • hdezines


     6 months ago

    Since there are so many that follow you, this is important. My friend who was going through breast cancer treatment told me she was only using Tom's deodorant, the kind WITHOUT ALUMINUM. This freaked me out and made me think about how very close your deodorant glands are to your breast tissue glands. It's the aluminum in deodorant that blocks your swear glands. I have read that aluminum builds up in your body and doesn't truly leave. To my point, I used to use the same deodorant you're suggesting that is supposed to be best at blocking sweat, well, it's only that way because it has extremely high quantities of aluminum in them. I have switched over to Tom's natural, [white container only] in lavender or baby powder and I love that deodorant. For me, I would prefer to let all know that clearly aluminum is not great for us, given we are applying it every day to our skin and the cancer doctors say it's a no no. Up to you of course, but I wanted to let you know since I love your videos, you're my fave and I care about you. ♡ to you!!!