Can Scientists and Religious Leaders See Eye to Eye?

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  • Published on:  Sunday, December 16, 2018
  • Scientists and religious leaders come together to find middle ground in exploring their worldviews.
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  • Jubilee


     1 months ago +1912

    Middle Ground is back!! Thanks everyone for watching this highly requested episode. As always, we are not saying science and religion necessarily have to exclude each other - there are religious scientists out there! Instead, we are exploring two sides that society often pits against each other in hopes of finding middle ground #radicalempathy. Let us know in the comments below what future episodes you'd like to see!

  • kittysrock16


     6 hours ago

    The Buddhist was so cool! :) really liked hearing him speak

  • Barack Obama

    Barack Obama

     6 hours ago

    Considering Islam is the most scientific religion, why didn’t you bring in an imam?

  • Lexie Michelle

    Lexie Michelle

     9 hours ago

    The Buddhist monk makes me happy idk why.. his presence is so warming

  • Pedro Henrique Bandeira

    Pedro Henrique Bandeira

     9 hours ago

    Great video! ✌🏽

  • Caitlin Jago

    Caitlin Jago

     10 hours ago

    I have so much respect for this Buddhist Minister

  • pusheen


     11 hours ago

    Shouldve brought a Sufi in this.

  • Hailey Terry

    Hailey Terry

     11 hours ago

    I think this isn't really a great topic because there's lots of middle ground between most religions and science. The things in religion that people think are anti-science, at least the religions I know, are not accepted as "fact" the way many people believe it is, and they're not necessarily contradictory. Creationism and evolution theory can exist in the same mind without ruining the universe, I promise.

  • Ryan Holmes

    Ryan Holmes

     13 hours ago +1

    Sloppy ??? Take a look at just one piece of DNA if even one tiny part is misplaced or switched around we wouldn’t be here right now !

  • Brigitte vega

    Brigitte vega

     14 hours ago

    The “rabbi” pissed me off

  • Shmuel Barak

    Shmuel Barak

     14 hours ago

    im not trying to be toxic but if a rabbi doesnt believe the world was created or there is after life why is this person consider themselves a rabbi? maybe she should call her self a jewish mentor for the reconstructionist jews. just feel like this can give the watcher the wrong impression on what a rabbi is.

  • Maria Mesa

    Maria Mesa

     14 hours ago

    I would freak out when i was kid and i would think about dying and I would be soooo scare about not existing and that that no one wilk ever know me

  • David Griffith

    David Griffith

     18 hours ago +1

    mu nut hurt

  • kostasz7z


     19 hours ago

    Whats astonishing is the fact that people dont understand or do not want to understand what DNA is.
    You can prove a Designer with DNA alone. The logistics would make the Designer God.
    Evolution has two pillars. Natural Selection (which is a provable fact) AND Random Mutation (which has been mathematically PROVEN TO BE IMPOSSIBLE).
    Evolution CANNOT work with only 1 of its 2 PILLARS.
    Atheists are WILLINGLFULLY IGNORANT. They are intellectually DISHONEST and arrogant morons.

  • Loser


     19 hours ago

    I love this buddhist dude. He makes 0 sense but I still like him. Hahaha

  • jamie .jamie

    jamie .jamie

     21 hours ago

    i dont understand what advantage that walking to the chairs after every question has, other than the producer trying to develop a unique tradition he can then cash in on. For continuity and comprehension, this is a distraction. It is also embarrassing watching the Buddhist and the Christian trying to find common ground, when all there is, is goodwill between them.

  • LogicalNextStep


     23 hours ago

    If it makes you feel better, we create separation. Religion is an abstract concept, we made up. It doesn't 'do' anything. The root of the actions is us.

  • djointa



    isn't Rabbi USELESS?
    if y'all bring an ustadz(in islam) and the story will not run like this way
    i got bored actually




    There is something that we don’t know about “ super natural power ?” NO it’s just science we don’t know about.




    Flat earther vs physicist.