Can Scientists and Religious Leaders See Eye to Eye?

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  • Published on:  Sunday, December 16, 2018
  • Scientists and religious leaders come together to find middle ground in exploring their worldviews. SUBSCRIBE for more! 👉 👈Watch more Middle Ground: us on INSTAGRAM: you a loyal Jubilee fan? Join our Facebook group: to be in a Jubilee video? Fill out our casting form: Andrew| ABOUT |Jubilee exists to bridge people together and inspire love through compelling stories. We create shareable human-centric videos that create connection, challenge assumptions, and touch the soul.Ultimately, we aim to inspire people to LIVE GREATER.| SOCIAL |Jubilee Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Website: https://www.jubileemedia.comJubilee MERCH: https://www.jubileegear.comHelp us caption & translate this video! brands interested in partnering with Jubilee, email us: us caption & translate this video!
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  • Jubilee


     8 months ago +3342

    Middle Ground is back!! Thanks everyone for watching this highly requested episode. As always, we are not saying science and religion necessarily have to exclude each other - there are religious scientists out there! Instead, we are exploring two sides that society often pits against each other in hopes of finding middle ground #radicalempathy. Let us know in the comments below what future episodes you'd like to see!

  • Dany Tri Kusuma

    Dany Tri Kusuma

     5 months ago +10700

    Flat Earth vs Astronout Please

  • Sumi Garcia

    Sumi Garcia

     2 months ago +1892

    I dont want to sound disrespectful but that monk looks really handsome

  • A Stock Photo Of Spaghetti

    A Stock Photo Of Spaghetti

     1 months ago +1039

    christian man:
    • •

  • The Humble Geometric Figure of Doom

    The Humble Geometric Figure of Doom

     1 months ago +659

    And yet I am still pondering how Jubilee always manages to scoop that one cringe-worthy person in their every set-up.

  • Truth_is_the _new_hate

    Truth_is_the _new_hate

     2 months ago +1359

    I'd like to have a drink with the Buddhist and the Christian.

  • Cheybat


     4 months ago +6967

    The Buddhist guy is just like "hmmmmmm, good opinions. They will mean nothing in the end"

  • Aaron Aryeh

    Aaron Aryeh

     2 months ago +1689

    This rabbi shouldn’t be a rabbi. Literally the first words in the Torah are: “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth...”

  • tonya wayne

    tonya wayne

     2 months ago +428

    rabbi: im totally zen (points at monk)
    Monk: did she just-

  • Anthony Tello

    Anthony Tello

     2 months ago +180

    I thought what the Buddhist said about the ocean and how human life in their culture is compared to waves was beautiful

  • nerd in shining glasses

    nerd in shining glasses

     2 months ago +501

    Rabbi: Like some days I'm like totally Zen *points to the Buddhist monk*
    Buddhist monk: here we go again

  • Steven Martinez

    Steven Martinez

     7 months ago +3943

    I feel like the Monk and the Pastor could become best friends and form a life long relationship with each other.

  • max fakerson

    max fakerson

     2 months ago +273

    I love the pastor talking to the monk, so interesting when cultures react with each other

  • IronMindTX


     2 months ago +671

    How is this lady even a rabbi? She seems to be agnostic.

  • active life Blog

    active life Blog

     2 months ago +236

    They should’ve brought a regular Rabbi .. that woman makes no sense

  • Firstname Lastname

    Firstname Lastname

     2 months ago +583

    Gyokei's views are fascinating, and he has such a calm energy. Would love to hear more from him!

  • Cute Cake

    Cute Cake

     7 months ago +2198

    Believing scientists vs non-believing scientists. That should be interesting!

  • Ana Nguyen

    Ana Nguyen

     1 months ago +162

    When the monk said that both of his parents died from cancer I instantly perked up. I've never met someone who, like myself, has lost parents to cancer. It's very comforting to me to know that I'm not alone in this tragic situation.

  • jordan richardson

    jordan richardson

     2 months ago +409

    This was a great conversation . But the Rabbi didn’t make sense

  • Emily Matthews

    Emily Matthews

     2 months ago +263

    Personally I believe in science more but I want to hang out with the Buddhist monk.