The Rock Presents: "Escape From Calypso Island" - A 360 VR Adventure

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  • Published on:  Monday, October 31, 2016
  • To close out #Rocktober, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Seven Bucks Productions bring you "Escape From Calypso Island", a 360-degree virtual reality adventure! #Room301 #JumanjiMovie
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    NOTE: Best viewed on a VR Headset or Mobile. You can use your finger to scroll around on your phone too!

    The Rock's #ROCKTOBER Q&A!:
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    Executive Producers: Garrett Fennelly, Dany Garcia, Dwayne Johnson & Whitney Rosenthal
    Produced by Scott Brown, Mo Darwiche, Brian Gewirtz, Erin Lardy & Matt Snetzko
    Written by Scott Brown, Mo Darwiche, & Brian Gewirtz
    Directed by Scott Brown

    Duke Fontana: Dwayne Johnson
    Tracy: Sarah Halford
    Dylan: Mo Darwiche
    Shaman: Kelemete Misipeka
    Cult Members: Jesus Ramos, James Burghardt, Christopher L. Bailey, Garmon Brown, & Emerson Tyff

    VR Expert: Nick Lantz
    Editor: BJ Emery
    Co-Producer: Dylan Sachse
    Associate Producer: Troy Guthrie
    Composer: Robb Padgett
    Casting Director: Katie Doyle
    1ST Assistant Director: Troy Guthrie
    Stunt Coordinator: Brian Keaulana
    Stuntmen: Craig Davidso, Keoni Keaulana, Darin Fujimori & Danny Kim
    Hi Production Supervisor: Connie Alicino
    Set Decoration: Alvin Cabrhina
    Set Decoration Assistant: Kaanoi Cabrhina
    Spatial Audio: Ben Adams
    Gaffer: Bill Maherras
    Best Boy Electric: Ted Tunney
    Electric: Kevin Kersting
    Key Grip: Kurt Simafranca
    Stylist/Shopper: Linda Vollert
    Wardrobe Attendant: Terri Lago
    Hair/Makeup: Tania Kahale
    Post-Production Supervisor: Bridget
    Kualoa Site Rep: Tabatha Busboso
    Production Assistant: Nick Masciangelo & Shannon Kaminaga
    VR Sound Designer: Jesus C. Murillo
    2nd Unit Director: Bridget Chun
    VFX Supervisor: David Gidali
    VR Consultant: Elijah Senn
    VFX Artist: Justin Chandra
    Additional VFX: Thomas Konkle
    2D Animator: Cain L. Hopkins
    Flute: Rachel Meltis
    Trumpet: Josh Ferrer
    Violin: Morgan Paros
    French Horn: Lisa McCormick
    Shaman VO: Andrew Morgado
    Projector Video VO: Troy Guthrie
    Graphic Designer: Steve Tobler

    Kualoa Ranch

    Pacific Catering
    Kualoa Ranch
    Sight & Sound Studios
    Moho Wendell Tittcomb
    VFX by Outpost VFX
    SVC by Shamrock Gohier

    Scott Broock
    Matthew Hendrix
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  • MiMeGe 0711

    MiMeGe 0711

     a years ago

    I love you rock x 😍😘😂

  • kassie wolf

    kassie wolf

     a years ago

    I really want a jamanji

  • Vector Artist

    Vector Artist

     a years ago

    Thanks to our partners for making this possible. Enjoy!

  • Sean Smith

    Sean Smith

     2 years ago

    Can't believe you swore

  • Ryan Sedore

    Ryan Sedore

     2 years ago

    Cool video, but anybody else a bit confused on where to look? Or where they are suppose to be looking?

  • Lara PlayGame

    Lara PlayGame

     2 years ago

    well, this is new...

  • chris Moore

    chris Moore

     2 years ago

    I guess I don't have a good enough connections.

  • Scott Williamson

    Scott Williamson

     2 years ago

    Freaking Mo Darwiche haha so crazy!

  • Louis Clark

    Louis Clark

     2 years ago

    That was awesome! You should make more videos like this :). And i need to buy a VR headset.

  • Wize Man

    Wize Man

     2 years ago

    Omg I'm going to go crazy, just tell us the deal he made

  • Jared Parsons

    Jared Parsons

     2 years ago

    This reminds me of a Sega Cd game! Do Sewer Shark Next! 🤗

  • Travis Sivart

    Travis Sivart

     2 years ago

    This is hella cool

  • Nicole Butler

    Nicole Butler

     2 years ago

    5:24 evil guy crawling in bush on left backside of the truck dissapears

  • Theo


     2 years ago

    calypso? as in the calypso?

  • acjuan84


     2 years ago

    That wasn't bad. Not bad at all. I wanna see more.

  • Antasma1


     2 years ago

    Hamilton? The same place Pence was thrown out of just for being vice president?

  • Kelton Ford

    Kelton Ford

     2 years ago

    Go to zombie go boom

  • Dylan vanderlugt

    Dylan vanderlugt

     2 years ago +1

    The rock you suck john cena is better than you idiot

  • Red Slasher11

    Red Slasher11

     2 years ago

    Is this a real movie

  • Ryhon Maxwell

    Ryhon Maxwell

     2 years ago +1

    did this on virtual reality device and it was awesome