What Is Subwoofer Break In? | Should You Break In Your Subwoofers? | Car Audio Q&A

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  • Published on:  Monday, May 23, 2016
  • Subwoofer Break-In, what is it and should you do it?
    Breaking-In a subwoofer is basically a process of playing a subwoofer for a period of time before it is installed to loosen up it's suspension for improved performance.

    We answered this question because we get people asking about this a lot; "will I damage my subwoofer if I don't break it in?" The answer is no, your subwoofer will be fine without breaking it in.

    While we don't show you how to break in a subwoofer in this video, we do talk about it in general, why you would want to do this and what exactly it will do for you / your subwoofer.

    There are plenty of videos here on YouTube of people showing their approach for breaking in their subs. As Allyn explains, if you have the time and equipment to break in your subwoofers, then sure, go for it.

    This is the video we referenced: https://www.faceclips.net/video/0GztM3xn2yY/video.html

    The people that will really care about doing this most are those building SPL competition vehicles to get the most out of their subs right from the start.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/G5sA0Ch0kZo


  • Fabian Delao

    Fabian Delao

     21 days ago

    awesome, this was exactly what i was looking for. thank you

  • Smurfeco 2.3

    Smurfeco 2.3

     a months ago

    I beat my l7 12 since day 1 . But dam the zvx8 I got it’s stupid stiff it needs a lot of power to get it going i know it isn’t my amp cause it used to pick up the 12 even lift your hairs up this 12 is a rock stiff one

  • Tapos official

    Tapos official

     2 months ago

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  • Project Hippo

    Project Hippo

     3 months ago

    Blew a 18 by not letting it break in... definitely gonna take my time w the new ones😅

  • Steven Helms

    Steven Helms

     3 months ago

    This guy looks like sully from godsmack. Please shave off ur soul patch . looks like a big butthole under ur lip

  • Mr_V_M8


     4 months ago +1

    When I play a song on my new subwoofer with lots of bass I can smell a electronic smell it kind of smells like burning paint

  • jimmy jt Thomason

    jimmy jt Thomason

     4 months ago

    How do you know when there broke in

  • Andy Narvaez

    Andy Narvaez

     5 months ago

    Can my bass turn my car off while i’m driving ? because the other day i hit a stop sign and when i tried to go i felt like my car was dying on me so i pulled over to check what happens i gave it a few minutes then it started to drive normal and of course i lowered the bass

  • Stanlley Pajdak

    Stanlley Pajdak

     5 months ago

    My audio shop told me my kicker comp r would take 90 hours

  • Turhaturpa


     5 months ago

    I blasted it with 50% gain and all the bass boost I could muster with high volume. It started to smell weird, not like burnt but something a new sub would smell like. Still works

  • David Linneman

    David Linneman

     5 months ago

    Is 1700 watts too much for two RE Audio sexv2 12 D4 wired down to 1 ohm

  • Ryan Botting

    Ryan Botting

     5 months ago +1

    I put mine on a 26hz test tone for 20 minutes at almost full xmax, she was nice and loose after that let me tell ya

  • *CowboyExecution*


     5 months ago

    What happens if they start smelling



     6 months ago

    I have a question
    Should I add a second battery if I am running 2 1200 rms subs at 1 ohm in an opel corsa

  • Adam Mcvey

    Adam Mcvey

     7 months ago

    So what is the smell that comes from the woofer

  • mem


     7 months ago

    I hadnt any spiders inside my subwoofer.... Is it still good?🤔

  • Watch Me

    Watch Me

     8 months ago

    I got couple of 12s and maxed them daily from day one. I wouldnt worry about it

  • Accumulated


     8 months ago

    Guy has a new nickname "Q&A" lol

  • Shawn Connolly

    Shawn Connolly

     8 months ago

    I had really deep bass & I added a extra port from the trunk to the cabin & it feels like I lost some bass - can you over port your trunk to the cabin ???

  • zfarmer4


     9 months ago

    What do it means when you your sub are brand new out the box and day two of playing they have a smell bad or good