The *RANDOM* SKIN CHALLENGE in Fortnite: Battle Royale! (CRAZY)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 2, 2018
  • Fortnite: Battle Royale - My Fortnite Skin decides my weapons! Enjoy!
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  • Carlit one

    Carlit one

     2 months ago

    You hungry

  • Omar Basuf

    Omar Basuf

     3 months ago

    Even tho you a season 1 player your still a bot

  • Danny Brun

    Danny Brun

     3 months ago +1

    Video starts at 3:18 thank me later and like

  • ProTech_gamers 2.0

    ProTech_gamers 2.0

     3 months ago

    Awesome Visio

  • Paul brisku

    Paul brisku

     4 months ago


  • Austin Helton

    Austin Helton

     4 months ago

    You cheated you can’t use impulses

  • wipa chanmee

    wipa chanmee

     4 months ago


  • Lizard Gaming

    Lizard Gaming

     4 months ago




     4 months ago

    did anyone see that disgusting leg glitch at 8:00

  • bentlee rhoades

    bentlee rhoades

     5 months ago


  • henry the horrid boy and gamer

    henry the horrid boy and gamer

     5 months ago

    LMG him



     5 months ago


  • Dylan Buchan

    Dylan Buchan

     5 months ago

    Also... that is NOT the default glider,it's the victory royale glider

  • Anahat Mamik

    Anahat Mamik

     5 months ago

    RPG behind you

  • MaisyFinTilly Burke

    MaisyFinTilly Burke

     6 months ago

    He couldn’t pick up the chug jug on purple cuz it GOLD NOT PURPLE!!!

  • XxagentsxX646 Speedycrowd123

    XxagentsxX646 Speedycrowd123

     6 months ago


  • XxagentsxX646 Speedycrowd123

    XxagentsxX646 Speedycrowd123

     6 months ago

    Can i 1v1 you plz my user is speedycrowd252 on PlayStation

  • Raven Jaxon

    Raven Jaxon

     6 months ago

    More challenges

  • Steven Mcintyre

    Steven Mcintyre

     6 months ago

    Your fake

  • Logan Maynard

    Logan Maynard

     6 months ago

    In the description it says no swearing yet he said d*nm it at the begging