Oversharing on Social Media, and Old-School Parenting Techniques

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  • Published on:  Friday, January 4, 2019
  • The ladies of “The Real” chat about not wanting to overshare with the public, but also wanting the tea after other couples break up. They also discuss the unconventional parenting methods in their families – but as Adrienne says, “Jeannie Mai is not a doctor,” so don’t try these techniques at home!

    When it comes to social media, are you more likely to keep your personal life to yourself, or share with everyone?

    A $10,000 parenting guide?! →→→ https://www.faceclips.net/video/YQhoDNy7wfM/video.html
  • Source: https://youtu.be/G7eQsfU9a58


  • Helen Nguyen

    Helen Nguyen

     4 hours ago

    This actually works! Unless youve experienced it yourself, you cannot have an opinion on saying whether it works or not

  • Becky



    Gwasha!!!!! Jeani is talking about Gwasha!!!! :) IT. WORKS.

  • QueenSoap



    I don't know why women need to validate their relationships with social media. I kind of feel if you're flaunting your relationship...you should mention when it ends. Reason being, acting like your life is perfect all the time sets unrealistic expectations of real life so if you're okay with sharing all the good....there's no reason to not share some of the bad things.

  • A R

    A R

     3 days ago

    I dont understand putting relationships up on social media anymore maybe when I was younger but now a relationship is sacred you dont put your buisness out for the world.

  • Hadi Yazid

    Hadi Yazid

     7 days ago

    My girl Jeannie is so professional when handling simple girls like Loni.

  • Hadi Yazid

    Hadi Yazid

     7 days ago

    No parents are perfect to begin with but you do learn on the job and that makes you perfect in your own way.

  • Beth Sandoval

    Beth Sandoval

     7 days ago

    Ahahhah stabyauuu

  • Beth Sandoval

    Beth Sandoval

     7 days ago

    Thank you for saying that Adrienne cause something it bee feeling like that

  • Ciarra Bell

    Ciarra Bell

     7 days ago

    Loni’s wig here is flawless

  • Taylor Nueman

    Taylor Nueman

     14 days ago

    I agree with tamera 100%. There is nothing wrong or rude about saying mind your business. If you don't want tell your business you don't have to! People really got it twisted today thinking you owe them an explanation of your business. You don't owe anyone a penny of your business. You might as well say when you go to to the bathroom to s*** too if that's the case.

  • Enrique laboy

    Enrique laboy

     14 days ago

    Your social media, your rules. Period.

  • Supreme KING

    Supreme KING

     21 days ago

    I feel like if you live on social media and post your whole life for people to see like the Kardashians,people are a part of your life and family and they have a right to know when something big changes and why did it happen. If you don't want people to be noisy about your life or some part just don't mention it at all.

  • Valeria Sanchez

    Valeria Sanchez

     21 days ago

    Adriennes my favorite and I feel like shes so underrated

  • Diana P

    Diana P

     21 days ago

    Adrienne sounded so judgmental over loni after she literally said oh no I don’t judge like girl yes you do w those slick ass comments

  • PrizeViolet


     21 days ago

    Uggggh don’t make fun of Asian remedies, that stuff works!

  • firerabbit811


     21 days ago

    Why should you hide infidelity from your kids?? So that they invest in fairy tails? Why shouldn't kids know that their parents aren't perfect and that relationships are hard work???

  • Ba Be

    Ba Be

     28 days ago

    To only share the positive things and never talk about the negative things is fake af

  • Leha Manoa Dobui

    Leha Manoa Dobui

     28 days ago

    dang i thought loni n Jeannine was gonna throw hands 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️😂

  • Justina Sam

    Justina Sam

     28 days ago


  • Michelle Torres

    Michelle Torres

     a months ago

    That's not what a meme is 👀