How To Ride |Let's Talk About BAD Sex|

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, April 28, 2015
  • You sent your Bad Sex emails and I answered some of the most common questions/issues. Also, one of my most asked questions "How can I ride my man?!" haha. I may have done a tutorial.

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  • Laurie Bowen

    Laurie Bowen

     4 days ago

    If sex becomes boring then you need to spice it up!!
    The best thing is do it in places you don’t normally and outside the thought of getting caught lol don’t get arrested though 🤣

  • Laurie Bowen

    Laurie Bowen

     4 days ago

    I think it’s when the man is looking at u while pleasuring you which can put you off as you don’t want to show them your come face lol 😛😂

  • العندليب Ahmed

    العندليب Ahmed

     5 days ago

    خرة بربج مو كس😋😚

  • Lonnie Atkinson

    Lonnie Atkinson

     7 days ago

    Lol. So funny i remember feeling like i was gonna pee on myself too until one day i couldn't hold back and realized it was me having an orgasm. Soo funny. Nice to know it happens to other women as well.

  • Nicholas Ashmore

    Nicholas Ashmore

     7 days ago

    Can I just say my wife watches this channel and omg keep it up much appreciated for sure keep it up we get spicy 🌶

  • Dominic Archivido

    Dominic Archivido

     21 days ago

    Omg wow

  • Kelly Evans

    Kelly Evans

     21 days ago

    Big girls give the best head like there hungry lol

  • Kelly Evans

    Kelly Evans

     21 days ago

    Who is this girl shes tingling lol

  • L Burns

    L Burns

     21 days ago

    Haha omg I love how your thought process re demonstrating to us how to ride went from “no I can’t do that, it’s too much.” To suddenly “fuck it, no it’s not.” 😂

  • Miss. Holly

    Miss. Holly

     28 days ago

    I actually can cum with him just boning me. And I can cum with out having any sexually stimulated

  • AmberrLynn13


     1 months ago

    Love you, you’re hilarious and so down to earth!

  • Heather Paar

    Heather Paar

     1 months ago

    Omg. Who wouldn't no how to do any of that.

  • Stella-Irene Collins

    Stella-Irene Collins

     1 months ago +3

    My partner is not quick AT ALL!! So I reach the big "O" like twice in one go. Got lucky here XD

  • Amanda Collins

    Amanda Collins

     1 months ago

    I get off on kissing more than anything

  • Specialized 29er

    Specialized 29er

     1 months ago

    No not for sex me just want to know the best way to ride a women like a horse.

  • Emma Ayla

    Emma Ayla

     1 months ago

    Im like legit the ONLY girl i know who can reach an orgasm from straight up penetration

  • honey smiles

    honey smiles

     1 months ago

    i’m a lesbian idk why i’m here... at least i think i am i might have a really specific type of guys lmao

  • Stone Daly

    Stone Daly

     2 months ago

    Man's perspective; this is bad advice. Specifically referring to her suggestions on how to deal/communicate with your male partner. Y'all are either timid and completely silent or full blown Miss Attitude. Check the sass at 14:38. Like why? Lol who wants to be spoken to like that epecially dealing with a topic as vulnerable as sexual performance. I read through the comments and I can see that same sentiment from most of y'all. Aaand I deal with it in real life so don't @ me just trust me. And no it's not a fragile ego thing it's super basic. You wouldn't sass the clerk at the grocery store just to get them double bag your produce would you? (And you wouldn't say nothing either would you? Maybe some of you would keep quiet but that is equally annoying to us. We are all ears if you have any suggestions for us if you can communicate well) You'd just ask them to do so like a normal human being right? Lol this does not to be any different. And after we bust our nut we have no physical interest in you until we're ready to go again. Some of us cycle through quickly and are ready to go shortly after, others are nice enough to force the second round for your sake but it's just a physiological response to lose interest for a period of time. We're setup differently than yall. Get your but before he gets his. And again, tell him that using plain English and zero attitude. Just telling you cuz your man won't, there's no way to say that without sounding rude. As far as riding, work through the burn. For one that's the only way to build up stamina. It's a matter of muscle strength moreso than technique. We get tired on top too. Anyways that's all I have to say about that...I'm here to help, no disrespect. Before responding take a moment to consider that I might be on to something, then ask yourself, "if what he's saying is true and I took this advice into consideration, what would my approach be going forward?" Bet you come up with a super effective plan/strategy. If not, to ahead and tell at me. Oh also, maybe get advice about men from men. When I need advice about women ain't no way I'ma rely on another man to give me game.

  • Bre Williams

    Bre Williams

     2 months ago

    Sarah has the meg the stallion knees 😂😂

  • emilie


     2 months ago

    I don’t watch porn