Wolf Of Wall Street Jordan Belfort Talks The Art Of Sales, Quaaludes & More

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 3, 2017
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/GGBxsS3fNPQ


  • Tyler


     8 months ago +1181

    Jordan could sell me the idea that Charlemagne isn’t racist lol

  • victoria lynn sandy

    victoria lynn sandy

     8 months ago +1444

    Noone realized he isn't even talking to the breakfast club. He's using the breakfast club to talk to their audience. True salesperson

  • Wiseguy


     8 months ago +999

    Jordan Belfort on the Joe Rogan Experience! Let’s make it happen

  • lodwigrojas1


     8 months ago +1721

    Charlemagne’s ignorance is overwhelming when he’s speaking to people beyond rap bruh. Always bringing up race. Always always always always always.

  • Geo's Loyal Ass-Eater

    Geo's Loyal Ass-Eater

     a years ago +1825

    Which white man hurt charlamagne so bad?

  • tales


     8 months ago +297

    This interview would've been way better if Charlemagne wasn't there.

  • Mikee Morales

    Mikee Morales

     9 months ago +171

    Sorry DJ Envy and Angela, but your boi Charlamagne just ruined the breakfast club for me. Man's ignorance is truly something in this interview.

  • Phantom Theorem

    Phantom Theorem

     9 months ago +319

    Charlemagne is racist. Its 2018, stop it.

  • Tanika Wright

    Tanika Wright

     4 months ago +66

    Charlamagne is literally arguing with a sales expert about how to sell! smh

  • Aaron2081


     7 months ago +323

    He sold that Straight Line program like an absolute SAVAGE....
    This wasn't an interview to him, it was a promo!

  • Evan Winfrey

    Evan Winfrey

     4 months ago +98

    That one dude was race-baiting. He is very unintelligent, lacks understanding.

  • Brandon H

    Brandon H

     9 months ago +224

    Can we get Charlamagne off the damn show and replace him with Jordan Belfort please

  • Tiffany Gary

    Tiffany Gary

     3 months ago +50

    Charlemagne should sit out on certain interviews. The serious ones.

  • James Ward

    James Ward

     a years ago +1113

    Charlemagne is rude. Disrespected Jordan from the outstart.

  • Joe


     10 months ago +96

    Charlamagne is riddled with ignorance and anger. He tries to manipulate people in interviews to sound racist. You are part of the problem Charlamagne not the solution. I've seen him actually try and get Post Malone to say the N word and then ask him what he is doing for black lives matter? He was there to sell his music, not everything is about you Charlamagne, i'll end this rant in a really informal way....... Charlamagne is a cunt

  • Austin Fitzpatrick

    Austin Fitzpatrick

     6 months ago +159

    Seeing bellfort in this interview and his mannerisms, DiCaprio was pretty spot on playing him in wolf of wall street

  • Abhijeet Parihar

    Abhijeet Parihar

     a years ago +83

    The bald guy is rude. Not a good way to speak with your guest.

  • Андрей Волков

    Андрей Волков

     7 months ago +180

    By the end of the interview I started to look up his book and realized that he actually sold it to me)

  • Eddie Schaller

    Eddie Schaller

     a years ago +2959

    Can you imagine talking to this guy when he's all coked out?

  • John ferruolo

    John ferruolo

     8 months ago +147

    "God gave you two ears and one mouth, you want to listen twice as much as you speak" WOW!!!